Wednesday, January 9, 2008

cold as fire - hot as ice!

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have you ever...

ever had an addiction that it's so hard to stop once you get it started?
well, im speaking of ds lite / nintendo games addiction haha.

the games i have are quite entertaining. ive even let some friends sample the elite beat agents. it's a similar concept to dance revo, the drum games etc. although much simplified since you only have a stylus to use for playing.
---although, i initially had some reservations regarding letting other people borrow - i let them play so at least they may consider getting one. the ds lite i got seems relatively cheap (bought in hongkong - ORIGINAL lol) about 8k pesos if you convert it. so, nintendo should be paying me for this advertisement. the reason also being - the more the merrier. there are games that allow for multiplayer via wi-fi.

anyway - im digressing. you know how to get rid of that addiction?
my solution: download a game that your MOM can play! hahaha. ive introduced a simple block puzzle game to my mom and she's become fond of it. right about now should be her sleeping time - but she's still awake playing it! haha. i arrived about an hour ago and she was already in the early stage of her sleep - i woke her up and introduced the game...and...after an hour -she's still playing it! well, that got my hands of the ds - and so now, i can really focus on other (much more) important things - like my undergraduate research project!

change topic: undergraduate research project.
yey! finally. ive managed to make up for the time. ive already experimented on a program that would simulate the data logging aspect necessary. the next thing to do is to create a somewhat read function to display the written data via hyperterm as well as a program that will log adc values 0-255 (reference voltage being 2 volts) - and that's it the documentation.

---so, like a novel or other stories - a conflict is necessary. for this week - the conflict that is introduced is an interview with toshiba!! look how my weekend plans have changed in just 1 day.
*) my mom and i were supposed to go to my uncle's house in tagaytay - i think it's a house warming party then overnight there (maybe hit the casinos near it by night or something hahaha) - i told my mom, "ma, are we going to the casino? i want to try blackjack and the slot machines hehehe"
then that plan changed to:
*) do halfway documentation! i wasnt aware that it was this coming wednesday! and sir mike asked us to submit it by saturday i told my groupmates that we should work the whole day saturday....
but then...
*) toshiba emails and tells me that i have an interview saturday 1240pm at the peninsula...nyeh nyeh. The attire: long sleeves + slacks + necktie. better yet - bring coat. so i was like. ho hum...i need to prepare a presentation for an interviewer. at first i thought it was like going to be a panel of people. but then i was told that there's going to be one plus an hr will need some preparation

have i told you that i managed to learn how to tie a necktie in 30 minutes? hahaha. as if that's a feat of some sort. well, i thought my mom new. well, this is still in relation to the toshiba interview. the first job interview ive ever went to - so, since i thought my mom knew how to do the necktie - i was complacent. but then, when i asked her on the day of the said interview - she told me that she didnt. so i immediately hit the net and researched....and made it. i must say - the outcome wasnt too shabby at all for a first timer...


i was rofl when i was surfing the tv just now. i happened upon qtv. the news was: "Condemned building in UP diliman caught fire" and what hit my mind was - huh? "where's that condemned building? is there one in up? how come i never knew" then the commentator said that it was the Narra dormitory. hahaha. well, i didnt know it was condemned! i guess it's for the better...and what's more. i didnt even notice it burned down and i passed by it just today.

oh well.
so. back to work!

ps: soulja boy's crank that ... amuses me... 

what else what else????? 

gusto mo pa? hehehe
(this section underwent lj cut. so if you didnt get what my trip is. too bad. heheh)

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