Monday, January 21, 2008


[migrated from livejournal] the rating for the movie that showed the most cutting of throats!

haha. sweeney todd is a great film. at first i was thinking, is this going to be something like chicago? (being musical and all)...but then again, it was a tim burton film...and that in itself is nuff said.

it was gory. but hmm...i was planning to say it was done in artistry - but there is no art in murder hahaha. 

anyway, no  more spoilers here.

halfway defense is just around the corner. 5 days to go? i hope everything goes well...

pray pray pray.

ps: yey! my sis got me a new camera. it's canon. she didnt want to buy sony because it was made in shouldnt we be insulted by that? since half our blood ancestry is chinese..

oh well.

tomorrow...ill be going to buy some lcd (for the latter half of my thesis)..

oh. two roels will be are panel this coming saturday...wish us luck! sir atienza has been known to give harsh criticisms...

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