Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"the end is near!" - revelations, Bible

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I don't mean to blaspheme against anything or anyone (institution or what) actually is true..

Mark your calendar(s)! The end is near!

March 15.

Hopefully, everything falls into its proper place by then. With all these conferences and contests <- hahaha. i think i may have exaggerated that. With two upcoming sort of conference - ICT4Health (Man, an organizer missed out on our submission. what a turn off. must everything be followed up on?! <- if you're marketing for an event - YES. -> so there. they better fixed up the program. I hate wasting my efforts for nothing.) plus MADC.

Well, i think the exaggeration may have been called for. The preparation you put into those events the documentations, etc etc. the presentations....and an early deadline for an integrated "thesis"....ahem totally whacked! Thankfully, I may have finished up on adolescence which is evident with the lack of pimples despite lack of sleep and irregular sleeping habits (hahah. call this...subliminal phishing)

Anyway...True enough. The end is near. But...for everyone of us in IRC...and to my FRIENDS who are taking up ECE198/COE198/EE198. May it be salvation that welcomes us all - not death. I'm sure all of us are ripe for the taking. (Think of all the possible implications of this sentence. I've actually thought of 3).

And for those who are to graduate next sem next year (whenever you're ready)...Good luck! But before luck gets to you. Wish the luck back at us first. (That's imposed). Let's keep the good karma circulating.

PS: it sucks that the presentation for MADC is at SUCAT. So it's going to be SUCAT on FRIDAY...then FESTIVAL MALL ON SATURDAY. If the cash price was not that big (imagine - 32k for the students - 8k for adviser and 16k for the school!) i don't think it will be worth the effort. Wait actually, no matter what cash prize it is, it is actually worth it. Since, duh, our project makes use of their microcontroller. Plus Plus. (STUDY SHOWS THAT ONLY 10% OF THE PEOPLE WHO READ THIS PARAGRAPH WILL HAVE NOTICED THE INTENTIONAL ERROR I PUT. HAVE YOU NOTICED?)

hehehe. i intentionally typed in the wrong spelling for prize in one of the sentence and wrote price instead.
hahaha. I am like that usually...not the part of typing something incorrectly. It actually is one of my pet peeves....I actually am fond of finding out that i may have mistyped certain things just because they sound alike and i was zoning out and never really noticed my fingers typing in the word differently but almost the same just because they sound alike. The case being the example above.

And for the claim study shows...I'm sure you've guessed. I don't think anyone reading this is that stupid Gullible.

PS: Driving is like breathing. You never really usually remember a moment in time where you actually thought of breathing. It's like it's there. It happens. Similar to a case i'm trying to build. I have noticed that sometimes, when I drive...and I am deep in thought...I zone out and when I snap out of it...I realize I've driven a long while...but don't remember getting did I overtake someone slower? I wasn't in this lane moments before... Kind of surreal when you are actually in that point in time where you realize you don't remember getting there. (hahaha. sounds like alien abduction?)

PSS: There's this sort of alley (2 laner road where cars are usually parked on one side) intersecting both mindanao and visayas can try getting there by turning right after you drive by Avenetto (Visayas going to QMC) yes back to the alley. I love driving through those sort of roads where the margin of error when two cars are driving in the opposite direction in a single lane road (single for both sides) is very small. A miscalculation could lose you a side view mirror. Adrenaline rush! I love the challenge it imposes when you drive fast. I have seen the Hong Kong roads. And these kinds of driving instances/situations do exist....and there is of course a speed limit (min)...I remember where a truck is in the other lane and we were going the other way...RUSH!! 

Quote: "Di ako kaskasero. 'Mahina' lang yung iba."
Quote 2: "It takes guts to drive faster"

hahaha. The quotes are for licensed drivers. student drivers - do not even!

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