Thursday, March 13, 2008

'will be' days.

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March 14    - will be the day when i will be taking my last academic exam (for my college life).
                    - will i tear up? hahaha. ASA... I have to rush to makati after the exam. hmm and return back to finalize our presentation for....

March 15     - will be the day of reckoning for our undergraduate research project. it will also mark my last day of doing a powerpoint presentation that's acdemically related
                      -will i tear up? hahaha. ASA. Of course not! Siyempre may lakwatsa after.

March 24     - will be the deadline for the last lab experiment (design exercise/machine problem - however you want to call it) of my whole academic life.
                      -will i tear up? hahaha. ASA!! Para saan pa? 

The end days are numbered.
Pero kelan ako maluluha dahil sa sobrang tuwa at ang limang taong paghihirap at pagsusunog ng kilay ay magtatapos?!

If I graduate with honors. 
Hahaha. Sana di mausog at sana madali ang exam bukas. 

"sana sana sana. puro nalang sana. "

Well, I did give it my all. 
For this semester (the deciding sem to jumpstart 1.77 to 1.75 or less)
Natapos naman ang thesis. Nagawa ang dapat magawa. 
Nanalo ng contest na makakatulong sa lab.
Nagpasa ng field unit ng axel monitor board (phase 2) sa PGH.
Nagpuyat ng todo para sa mga exam ng 113.
Naoverdose sa lead fumes sa kakasolder ng 113 de.

So. bakit puro sana nalang?
Because that's the way things are (well, for me though).
Kick ass with what you're doing.
And do not expect...
Just HOPE things fall into their places.

So, sige na nga. maluluha ako kahit di ako grumaduate with honors.
Hahaha. Tears of sorrow?
teka nga. Pag mas pinaguusapan NAUUSOG!

Nevermind nevermind. Erase erase erase. Hahaha.

I'm ready.
When will the next chapter begin?

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