Monday, December 26, 2005

Moody as always

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Hehehe sobrang moody ko talaga. Mabilis uminit ulo at mabilis ding mawala.

Anyway, here are some updates.

1) Watched King Kong a few days before Christmas, I liked the movie. Though the pleas for stopping animal cruelty seemed to have been ringing all throughout the film. Lol, not that it really matters, cause it does. hahahaha...word play...sorry...the truth is, the movie was really really great, don't let the 3 hours running time scare you...(cause, the fact of the matter was that i watched the film because I read that it was indeed lenghty)...the movie was action packed, filled with drama and yes, comedy as well. I wont spill the details but trust me it really is worth the money. The director did justice to the film, hmm...come to think of it, I dont think I have the right to critic like that, after all, I haven't seen the first King Kong film...and...frankly, no intentions of doing so. Consider the director's credits if you are still dubious...LOTR (does that ring any bell?)...I promise, that film was great...Like the Last Samurai, I was teary-eyed when the scene ended...I wasnt expecting things to turn out that way...One thing though, dont get creeped out with the sort of relationship that was being established between Ann Darrow and Kong...also, dont watch the film's LMF (aka, last full show) in cinemas...well, dont, if you dont bring/have a car...I watched it at 9:30 pm and the film ended right about 12:30 am sharp (more or less)...nevertheless, I wasnt very frantic, I walked home...the pleasures of living so close to a mall.

2) Christmas shopping. Tipz, as always, the quick shopper...finished shopping for 2 gifts to give to his mom and sis in a matter of 2 hours, that would have to include commuting (ON A FRIDAY) to Gateway...then walking from there and here and inclusion of Ybreaks...and...searching for the gift to give. Got home in time to watch Etheria ehehehe...dont criticize me for doing so. It just fits my craving for epic fantasy. Anyway, just to share, I bought some stuff for my sister from Papelmelroti (did I got the spelling right?)...picked here and there...interesting. For my mom, since I dont know her size, I give her money instead, I had planned to give her 1000pesos...but decided be different ["Dare to be different" - ckt engg week theme] i'd give her 20dollars instead least I know she would be able to use like pay for the bills? hehehe...Anyway, just to share, by this time I was in a very good mood. Prior to this I had a fight with my mom and partly my sis because of some misunderstanding...and...also the heat being fueled by my intolerable lack of patience...yes people, I have got to be one of the most impatient people I know. (pero cute parin.)

3) Christmas Eve - Christmas Day. Went to mass with my sis and mom...Vox Angelicum Choir sang there that night...I pondered if Circuit Chorus could have outsung that choir...hehehe dont think negatively of me for saying this but...if ever Vox Angelicum was better in singing, the Circuit Chorus had better looking vocalists. (pero parang kulang pa eh...kulang pa ako sa grupo para maging kumpleto ahahhahaha) There, we ate the foods left over from the party we had...Oh yes, my mom hosted a party for my "father's side" family that noon...and we had plenty of food left...the party for my "mom's side" would be on the 31st of December...Oh, getting on, Christmas Eve...we exchanged gifts, got a lot of new tshirts...hmm...NEED new mom got me MYMP ehhehe..."parinig ako sabi ko sana Cueshe pati 6cyclemind" hehehe...but nevertheless, the gift was appreciated...time to hone in acoustic music...spent the rest of the night finishing reading the FHM December issue...

-some things regarding FHM...Julia Clarete is witty. I think she's a girl with substance. Contrary to Katrina Halili who "dinaan her interview with humor." too bad, she had the looks. Brooke Burke was funny in her interview...when the interviewer was leading the some sex talk, Brooke came clean and snapped that if this was going to be more sex talk, then I'd leave (or something close to that statement but not as explicit)

Come Christmas Day, spent the day at my Uncle's house in Filinvest...the one along the major road heading to antipolo...forgot the exact name of the place but I recall reading Filinvest there. Ate there, associated with cousins and aunts and uncles from my mom's side. I was invited to drink beer...san mig light...but I denied the offer...told them that I dont like drinking beer...which is factual to the greatest extent. I think I'd prefer drinking mixes, shots, vodka etc etc...but not beer. Heheh, the PORDABOYS (as pauee deemed it) party we had at lew offered Citrus flavored vodka...hmm...dont think anything will beat that...but I wasnt able to let loose or in other words drink to my heart's content because my house was just duh. a meager walking distance...1 house separating where we partied and where I went home...not really a good idea to get drunk...anyway...

after the party at my unc, we went to Gateway! We planned to watch some MMFF but...the tickets were sold just tried to find a place to bet dad wanted us to...but sadly the betting stations were "half-day" anyway, over at gateway, I asked my mom to buy me some books...

ARTEMIS FOWL! Yeah! Hmm, I have to give props to FHM for the introduction of that book. It's part of their sort of Christmas wish list for books. I didnt want to get the "A series of unfortunate events"'s like a collection, similar to C.S Lewis books...I have trouble with collecting those especially when most of the books have already been released...It's hard to secure yourself the may be locally available now...the whole set...but...I dont want to buy them all at once...sayang...di pa siya ganun ka "Investment material." anyway, finished reading FHM...finished reading the first chapter of the first Artemis Fowl book...

Then when I wake up later...I promise...After I read through some more of Artemis...I'd hit my Physics103 book (the THICK one)...and catch up on my readings and maybe do that assignment...I also have to read my EEE103 book....we have a problem set due the friday of the first week of class next year.

PS: My sister will be going to Butuan to visit my father side relatives. She's scheduled to leave on the 27th of January to work in Guam...

OH YEAH! also, one of the most important things that may happen for this year would be:

On the 29th of December, our family will be adopting a 3rd year highschool female....whose some sort of related to my mom...Her lolo is the pamangkin of my lola which in turn makes me her distant uncle...weird...anyway...the story of her family is that...they really live in Laguna, but they decided to try the life here in Manila...and...they can no longer support themselves here...and they have to go back to Laguna, but since that child is still studying, and her mom doesnt want her to stop (the mom is also going to Dubai/ work by January 10) ko nga sa mom ko...sige okay lang ampunin mo na para mabigyan mo ng direction...too bad for the kid though, my mom sternly doesnt want her to have any boyfriends...once she does, my mom is sending her back to be fair, my mom doesnt want to be held responsible for the kid when something bad happens...duh...di mo na nga kapamilya hahayaan mo pang mapadisgrasya...ewan ko run...overprotective na ata agad...sana lang galingan nung batang yun para hindi na niya kailangan magpaturo sa akin ehehehe...Busy busy rin ako...and also siyempre sana galingan niya para makapasok siya ng UP...

ang haba na naman ng entry ko. hope you enjoyed getting the latest gossips! hehehe...mga chismoso/a =p Meerry Chrrriiiisttttmasss!

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