Sunday, November 27, 2005

spending my days...

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got sick last wednesday, got worse on thursday and was starting to recover by friday...saturday...sunday...monday...cough more fever though.

at first i just kept sneezing and sneezing which i thought was probably some sort of allergic reaction to something or someone but then it turned from worse to worst. i am really starting to think that the hot, not luke water from the tub caused my ailment to get worse...and in quick time. by thursday i became really sick and i felt quite BLOATED by then from the large amount of water ive consumed. eheheh a great excuse for looking fat. =p then my ailment grew worse.

some stuff last thursday:
1) issa's car's clutch fluid got drained. eheheh she borrowed some from me. hehe i didnt even know i had some to start with. but...lucky her.
2) pinoy little sister for comm 3. wow! that went bad! ehehehe... i had to play jason and i wasnt really comfortable that day...duh...i was sick...bad performance. bad bad bad...some of my groupmates did good though...
3) met my comm 3 prof at the tiangge near the chapel. ehehhe...she hinted me what to get for the kris kringle c/o berCkts. by this fever was getting whew! feverish.
4) woke up by about 8 after sleeping at 6 feeling extremely cold! i had the fun turned on at 1 yet i was shivering! and no one was home! my mom and sis arrived about 20 minutes later with great food! dinner in bed! sarap din nung soup from red ribbon ah.

1) was feeling a bit better, but not entirely. for the first time, i was early for my eee 23 class...and i was still feeling sick! eheheh...what motivation...anyway, i sat up front and i enjoyed the class...dr. marciano is just so good! i like the way he speaks english.
2) eee 103. went home early, my mom is to be admitted at lourdes hospital for an operation...something about wait...i hope i remembered this right...fibrocystic breast disease...yep...i think i got that right. 
3) friday, i was home alone by night. even though i was sick...i worked out...did some sit ups and some cardio stuff...then took another hot bath. read through some physics book

1) woke up by 1130 ate the maki and sushi that my mom bought in advance in anticipation of her admittance in the hospital.
2) did nothing but eat, sleep, drink, watched tv and that cycle till night where i started to read my eee 103 book. finished the first chapter and slept.
3) oh yeah...i did some more situps and some cardio stuff before taking a bath then reading then sleeping.
4) oh yeah again...i watched pbb and enjoyed it eheheh...very dramatic...watched it while i was in the tub enjoying the hot water...haay...home alone...

1) woke up. read my physics mom and sis arrived ...
2) i decided to jog around UP after finishing another section of my physics book. (by now tapos ko na siya basahin! yey! eee 23 naman next)
3) pagod sa kakajog sa oval eheheh...
4) naku! very uninspiring naman tong entry na to...very boring eheheh sorry kakagaling ko lang mag basa ng physics na book eh. ano gusto niyo? pag usapan natin ang musical instruments and kung paano nagfunction yung waves etc etc...eheheh...

--random stuffs:
1) will do more situps later after i finish typing this...then take a bath and then read more eee 23.
2) in between all of the events that happened, i have been frantic and worried sick with regards to my mini project for mobot. i have finally decided! i will use kuya alex's module he used for GABAY for my mini project. yung uC din naman pala kasi yung gagamitin para magawan ng PWM yung module para maging analog na yung module...nerd nerd nerd
3) also, in between all that entry...i have been...ehem ehem...making my presence felt sa lahat ng mga globe diyan! spammer talaga ako!! ahahah kahit may sakit humahataw!

---Sorry!!! I forgot to mention stuff about SEPHARAD: Voces de Exilio! (basta tama yung sepharad pero yung sa latter part nung title di ko na sure...) Astig talaga tong theater play na to!!!! Manuod din kayo!!! Promise. You guys/gals wont be disappointed! Naastigan ako sobra! Heheheh...ang dami kong naenjoy na scenes pati yung call center part nila sobrang astig din dahil sobrang nacapture nila eh...PLUS PLUS! there are so much more scenes to look out for! Maraming dramatic sobra na yung dating pero sobrang saya parin. The experience was great! I have to say...Mas maganda siya sa TATARIN na dulaang up din ang gumawa...PLUS PLUS PLUS! When I was told na R18 talaga tong play na to...TOTOO nGA! ehehhe...marami ring kissing scenes...teka nga...hindi naman sobrang dami siguro mga 7-10 scenes ata or something tapos may mga 3 atang bed scenes....basta! ang ganda talaga! tama si maam de luna! astig astig astig! Manunuod na talaga ako ng mga plays sa UP! also...nung natapos yung show...saw some familiar maam gumba! tumaba ng husto! eheheh...and also meron ding free food and drinks dun...kaya...yey ang saya! pero pagdating ko ng house...nyek...walang tao! duh.

ayun lang muna mga kids! dito ko na muna ttapusin ang aking entry.
oh yeah...
meron na akong isa pang favorite cartoon...the grim adventures of billy and mandy! ahahahhaha! nakakatawa talaga.

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