Thursday, November 3, 2005

subject? marami. ehheheeh

[migrated from livejournal] i just came home kaninang mga 11. i went to sm to meet up with a friend and catch up and hang out as well. well, he's taking up another course (not eee i mean) so it's quite hard to catch up.
anyway. i had fun talking to him. that's what i look for in most friends...someone i can converse things with. to those who don't know me well. im very talkative once the friendship is on a certain level. im very madaldal as most people knew me from highschool. (actually that's been toned down eheheh for my sake. i was actually more of maingay. pero in the good sense of the word. after all, i was an honor student back then...and much was expected.)
so, what did we talk about? mostly politics and spiritual issues...haay...spiritual issues. when will i ever get a firm grip on this stuff? some highlights.
mostly what we talked about concerned the philippines.

1) overpopulation =  i argued in favor of contraception. he argued the opposing view. he mentions that in fact the philippines is not really overpopulated. and contraception is not really necessary...i realized from the conversation that yes, for the youth...contraception is marketed for safe sex which is not entirely true because the aids virus is smaller than the fibers used for condoms...basta it's all hoax for the sake of profit (well to some extent at least). family planning is still the best solution

2) poverty = we both agree that it's the government that's causing everything. nope, not unemployment. nope not over population. nope not the educational system. why? because if you look at the facts thoroughly all of the above mentioned should be the government's concern. but due to mishandled appropriation/allocation and some pocketing (corruption), none of the above problems get solved. so the center of the web of problems would be the government itself.

3) change of government = i agree with the parliament system, he doesnt. he argues that changing the system will not change anything. the same people who are in the government now will be the ones to corruption will not be rid off. anyway. no conclusion was met in the debate. in time we'll know.

4) the people of the philippines = many problems. to name some of the things discussed.
- tax payers = okay. i just want to say that im pretty fucked up with how things are going in the country. im fucking pissed when i see people rallying in the streets. why? it's because most of them are not tax payers anyway...what gave them the right to complain?! anyway, it's pretty vague and it may seem that im generalizing....hmm...think of it this way...instead of rallying in the streets? why dont they just work their asses off? i mean why dont they just a job and do what they have to do instead of going to the streets? i know it may be hard for them to find work...but why go out and hamper other people with their demise? basta parang lumalabas crab mentality. other people like in makati are working and they go about rallying there...maraming naapektuhan and naiinis lang ako.

-lack of discipline = eheheh this part we argued. i argue that the root of most of the problems if not all is the lack of discipline of the people here...he argues that it's really ignorance. decide for yourselves which one of the two.

-freedom = we both agree to some extent that the people here in the philippines are saturated with the concept of freedom. most people believe in total freedom, one without any restrictions. but then my friend said, freedom in its sense should be a freedom that will utterly result in good. i, on the other hand believe that freedom should be freedom with discipline. as you may have seen...people here in the philippines abuse their freedom. they say when they go to the streets that it's their right to do so...they most of the time in defense argue that it's their freedom to do so. fuck freedom. right now, dahil sa situation ng philippines. go for martial law nalang ako. teach the people the lesson they so missed out on. (evil grin <- ehheeh partially true)

*segue: topic: UP STUDENTS <-particularly the tibak
- so what the fuck are those students (like those belonging in stand up) shouting for? For like the last sem...lagi nalang sila nag call ng rally and walk out sa mga classes...they shout...FIGHT FOR GREATER SUBSIDY. They say that it's our right to get premium education which is neglected by the government due to faulty allocation of funds...BUT THEN AGAIN...their priority should be studying! fuck talaga! I dont understand them. They say that UP needs greater subsidy...but what they fuck are they doing? they're practically wasting the subsidy given to us by not studying and just taking it to the streets! Fight for greater subsidy my ass! Mga tamad lang kayo!!! LOA kayo ng loa (not refering to anyone in particular) para ibag laban yung greater subsidy eh napaka ironic niyo naman! stupidity.

anyway...i realized that most of the time we talked i used the phrase "sabihin nalang natin" quite a lot. i dont know an interesting thing happened when we were at "THE GARDEN" at sm north <- at bo's coffee something. forgot the place. (if you're going to try their green tea cold drink na frap style ng starbucks...dont. lasang gamot to some extent.)
okay, so the interesting thing that happened was...i was autoloaded 50 pesos!!!! and who was the sender? NONE OTHER THAN.......................................GLOBE! They said sorry for the inconvenience that their text nonstop promo caused me. you see mga two weeks ago. i sent a request for the text nonstop....tagal maactivate...and i thought na naactivate na so text text ako if i remember it kasi nabawasan narin yung load ko ng 50 by then...kaya ayun...tapos from about 160 - 200something pesos load ko nagulat ako 60 pesos what could have happened? so tawag ako sa globe 211....stressed out and mad...kasi after mga 6 hours pa dumating yung activation request and I bickered that to the most likely call center agent...or maybe im wrong with the assumption...ayun...complain complain...and baka nga nagkaproblem sa globe during that time and....they heard my plea!!! i got an extra load of 50 na ulit ako 300 na load. weeeee....
kaya sa mga tao diyan...dont be scared to complain! eheheh personal experience ko na nagprove niyan ah...pero kung sobrang makilala nyo na ako...sometimes talaga i bicker alot. i rant alot. it's just me and the imprints that my highschool made.
just me.
---> on my way home. i walked from SM NORTH to our place!!! my gulay...napagod paa ko eheheh...nag window shopping din kasi ako and i familiarized myself with the layout of the stores in sm. quite familiar na with the place....parang megamall...nung taga mandaluyong pa kami...kabisadong kabisado ko....ehhee pati shangrila pwede ako mag tour guide...ngayon SM NORTH!!!
-->wish ko lang parang greenbelt nga yung ginagawa nila sa tapat ng sm north...kasi ive been hearing rumors na ayala nga gumagawa run...kaya yung bagong building sa sm north na ginagawa, ginagawa na...para at par with the high end offerings that the possibly ayala/greenbelt style mall will offer.

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