Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CH98: Dramarama & Independence Day

"People create their own drama ..."

After writing down the previous entry, I've been feeling like there's a void of boredom in me. Since everything feels as it should be, I feel as if there's something missing. And I realize, it's the drama, the heart-flinching brouhaha that's missing.

Dose of light drama for the day:
Person 1: Haha our conversation suddenly became flirting. :) No complaints here
Person 2: :) I know ... But I dont know how to say it. Better say it early than later. I am in a relationship
Person 1: I had a feeling, but at least the cat is out of the bag
Person 2: I hope I did not upset you much
Person 1: I wasn't after a relationship :)
Person 2: Which cat? and which bag?
Person 1: Your cat and your bag
Person 2: As I can tell from the past 15 minutes of our conversation, you are a relationship material :)
Recall: Chapter 88

Most of the memorable dramatics that has happened in my life are within a closed circle - of friends, family and self. Maybe, I was overprotected? I never got to experience being held up, getting into a fight (only once when I was in grade school and I had a black eye for a week), never been stricken with illness that would require hospitalization or whatever telenovela-ish incident (several knocks on wood). I need the drama, the action in my life to make me feel - well, human and alive. "Necesito sentir vivo otra vez"

I needed a reason to live
Some love inside me to give
I couldn't rest I had to keep on searching

Te busque de bajo de las piedras y no te-encontre
En la manana fria y en la noche te-busque
Hasta enloquecer
Pero tu llegaste a mi vida como una luz
Sanando las heridas de mi corazon
Haciendo me-sentir vivo otra vez

Yes, yes, more from Nelly Furtado. Te Busque feat Juanes.

Let me clarify though, that I'm busy with work and preoccupied with other activities, which is why it did come as a bit of a shock to realize the void was actually boredom. A fleeting thought did pass by when I was reflecting on what to do with the boredom: "Look for a love-life and get your heart broken." Childish thought really, but well, if it's just for kicks and the emotions that come with it ... hmmm

Getting on, to preoccupy myself further, I decided to try out Spanish lessons, since I was enamored by the fluidity and passion on how the song Te Busque was sung. I think it's a fine and dandy way to spend my time. So, Saturday 11-1 and Wednesday 7-9p will be spent learning a new language. The place I've chosen is close to where I live as well, so I hope I won't get bored of the lessons quickly.

A con to the plan though is I have to forego restocking my LabSeries to accommodate the expense of enrolment. But, anyway, education is more important. And, I could use the language if and when I decide to visit Spain (and party in Ibiza) or South America (Brazil) for FIFA 2014?

I also downloaded an album from the Spanish artist Juanes (the one Nelly F collaborated with). Listening to it feels alien - more alien than listening to Jay Chou when I got his album before. After all, I do have a background in Chinese.

Independence Day

Lastly, I spent June 23 - Philippine Independence Day in the company of a lot of Filipinos. My dragonboat team had an event - Isang Bangkang Malaya (IBM) and we invited other Filipino organizations to join in and paddle. We had tutorial sessions in the morning followed by several race heats after.

The Philippine ambassador to Singapore came by to visit and gave everyone a  quick insight on how the Philippines is performing and a reminder to everyone not to get involved with the FT issue that you see around. After all, we (Pinoys) are here for work.

Here's a link to the video one of our members made:

Overall, it was a day well spent in the company of friends. The event finished around 1-2 and I attended the 4-6 training. Now, with my friends' comments on how dark I am, I begin to wonder when a tan is a tan and just being dark - dark.


  1. So Nelly Furtado is the reason behind the Spanish lessons? :)

    Took up seis unidades back in uni. Haha! Very easy to learn. :)

    1. seis unidades? I don't think i heard of that. I took nihonggo classes but ditched them when I felt it threatened my other subjects haha (extra units na rin).

      Nelly's song Te Busque actually - and the passion oozing out of the song and phrasing. Plus, it occurred to me that it's something i can put in my resume hahaha

  2. hehehe! :P six units. ;) nihonggo is also fun. :)

    1. hahaha i thought seis unidades was some event or something. units pala! :)