Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CH99: Pits, Pressure and Limits

I wonder why the instructors we have for body combat shave their arm pits. I'm not sure for the rest of the Singaporean men, but I'm sure a lot shave theirs. During the class last night, I felt conscious that people may think I shave my pits - when really, they're just sparse to nothing because of genes. I think, the term for it is "smooth."

What are the pros and cons of having armpit hair anyway? Is there gender bias with pit hair?

I've only been in the project for 3 months, yet just now, I was copied in an email putting my name as the owner for two project components closely integrated with SAP Solution Manager. And, I had my mouth agape as my pupils dilated before I snapped out of the shock.

The implications of your name being put into a RACI matrix is daunting. Well, for me - yes, considering that the other people in the list have been working on the project for over a year already. And I was under the impression that I was still pulling the rope from the far end. So, now I have to pull harder to catch up? And I have to coordinate so much more with the people who have been working on the two components far longer than I have.

It's one responsibility after another. I was already advised not to be too "bibo" before I started and I was doing just that except for stepping up on certain instances which I didn't think was being too "bibo". Now, I have to manage 3 Sub Projects that each have their own sub items. I know I can delegate the other items, but the politics involved with the delegation coming from someone who's only been in the project for 3 months ... ?! ... That, aside from the fact that not everyone in the team is really reliable. I mean, I'm sure some of you have your own experiences with our 5/6 Asian brothers.

It doesn't mean that if I'm responsible and reliable, you can just throw whatever responsibility from other people to me. Hello? Why would I take over an issue someone has been working on? And the reason is he can no longer work on it because he's already busy with something else? That's a crap excuse. I say follow through. So, yes, I'm sorry, but find someone else to throw your issues to. (I declined courteously of course.)

Thankfully, we are doing Projects and Implementations. It will be a different matter altogether if we were doing support work. Support work extends outside your work hours. But for Project and Implementations, you can just let go after work and chill. No issue hounds you after work. Your weekends are free as well. It's what work-life balance is about.

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