Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Random] Up Do

I've been planning to get a haircut but because of the busy work schedule, i had trouble fitting it in. Earlier tonight though, I was finally able to.

I get my haircut from Monsoon in Novena. Before it was in Monsoon Tampines. I thought of cutting my hair short, but realized that if I did, then it's the same style like always. So, I just told the stylist to do whatever he wants, so he suggested to cut it really short by the sides and keep the length at the top and I can style it with an up do or spikes after however I want.

Preliminary cutting done. And no, I don't have my hair colored. Those brown  highlights are natural. Or maybe, i'm malnourished that's why my hair is turning brown.

I have to say though, a lot of the staff of the Monsoon were impressed by the cut - based on how they second glaced when they walked past. Kudos to the stylist Ceejay - Malaysian Chinese.

I just find it weird though that somebody else shampooed my hair. Some older guy who I had trouble understanding - perhaps because he didn't know much English. Blah blah - to say the least, it was awkward having to sit in that chair.

The final product.

Quick shot to immortalize the cut before I botch it up with my impatience to styling

I usually just get my hair cut short because I don't want the hassle of having to stay too long in front of the mirror trying to make my hair look "okay." But, well, since it's corporate attire now for me, I may as well find some time to actually prep myself for work.

I don't know how to use a blow dry, but well, I'm sure I can manage.

This was the product Ceejay used on me. It says at the back that it has a heat memory kind of thing so the hair stays in place after you put this on and blow dry. "Heat Memory technology" as it says in the back. It gives the hair volume and texture daw and it shows. Because I have straight hair - when it grows long it usually ends up "bagsak" and "flat" that's why I put on wax to give the hair volume. 40sgd

Because I dont think I will be patient enough to actually blow dry my hair, I just got something cheap from Courts.

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