Monday, March 27, 2006

Heart vs Mind (part 1)

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I seriously admit...(and more ellipses) DAMN IT! Why couldnt God have made our hearts more calculating?! I wished for my heart to be cold. Yet the heat of fusion of the facade i tried putting up was too attainable that now, my heart is as vulnerable as ever. I am starting to get tired of "feeling" instead of rather "thinking" things through.

Haven't I learned any lesson?

Damn it.

I wish my heart was good in math, like my brain, that does all the calculating. But fuck reality! My heart doesnt know how to calculate or even how to weigh things the right way. It's purpose is but to make us feel, make us experience joy, laughter, pain, suffering. But if that is its only purpose, then why does the heart matter more than the mind?

I mean, let's admit it, most of the time, we end up following our hearts instead of our mind. We are being lead blindly!

to be continued.

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