Friday, March 31, 2006

Intoxicated 2

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Hahah. I didnt realize that half of the 275ml bottle of that vodka cruiser could really knock the punch. hehehe. I'm rather thankful I didnt finish the bottle. I dont think I would have made it upstairs if i did. hahaha.

anyway...sad and depressing turn out of events. Damn!!! I only got 2.25 in eee23. I need at least 3 points in the fourth exam to up my grade to 2. I will try scavenging for partial points tomorrow. I must at least try that much.

Haay...I just hope and pray that the eee23 profs will be as understanding. They have after all been very much understanding this sem. 50% or more of the eee23 population will be exempted. I pray I pray I pray.

I guess with this reason, I won't be able to go the IRC tagaytay outing. I must try. I must!


I just realized that after that intoxication from the little amount of vodka cruiser I drank...I don't think my dad will approve of it being in our refrigerator. Hehehe...

I must find another way.


Pray for me. Suddenly, I might not be CS material after all...



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