Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Extremely exhausted...but nevertheless.

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Damn. I am just so fucking exhausted. If you calculate the number of hours I slept for the past 2 God...It just won't suffice for my regular sleeping habit.
Hehehe. Anyway, no pimples are appearing on my I guess the exhaustion is still tolerable. Hahah. If you can say that.)

So, there was the final rights (FR) of the applicants of UP circuit.
And...I just want to share some encounters prior to traveling towards the fr location place. hahaha.
You see, I accompanied Riley and Noel in printing certificates for the applicants. We rode the Ikot Jeepney to get there.
And, I saw...M*RC* and a KEM*R hahaha. and...I guess that confirmed the story. Anyway, so, after accomplishing the needed stuff for the certificates, we rode a cab and went to Megamall.

And...I stayed a bit behind in Megamall to buy some Robitusin Capsules for my cough (Hahaha...I wanted it to heal ASAP. GO FIGURE!)...And when I went out...and headed towards the parking lot of megamall side b...lo and behold...damn damn damn! I saw F*d and T**j*y. Hahaha. Wait! I don't want to create rumors or anything. I dont want to be the one spinning the web that may interlock the two events together. But, I am entitled to my opinion right? And...frankly, this is my blog.

So...after seeing that, I headed for the Jeep...and...all I could say was...Shit! Sinusundan ako!

Hahaha. End.

The next part. FR and Talent Night of applicants. hehehe...won't spill any details on this though.
You can read my friends' page and look for [info]inquibbleror [info]majaxi and [info] thing though, my cough seemed to have worsened itself. Hahaha. I couldnt really perform well in my station (the fincom station) because, shouting was needed...and I couldnt...

Hahah. Anywyay, some memorable things about that Final Rights was...Man! I drank hard! And uhm...walang allergy side effects! Hahah! I must have been very well hydrated! Grabe! I must have took a piss about 40 times during that whole event. Uhm...You see, my cough turned to sipon. Damn! Sayang sobra yung mga gamot na binili ko. 10.90 pesos pa naman din yun.

Anyway, ang saya saya saya saya ng mga kantahan! Grabe! Lose your inhibitions talaga! And, lose your voice as well!

Man...pagod sobra.

Skip na ako ehehhe.

Sarap ng bonding time rin kahit papano with rose, gepol, alec and carl. Hahaha. kwentuhan sa mcdo.
kwentuhan din sa kotse ni gepol...hahah this must have been the second time gepol and I talked like that. The first was the mobot outing...memories.

Anyway...After arriving home, I just ate some esperibs. And then my mom and I left at once...My laptop was waiting for us sa airport.
Salamat sa nagdala!

After such an extremely exhausting sets of activities...
I feel so rewarded!!!!
1) Nike Slippers.
2) Tommy Hilfiger Watch. (I love the blue back ground! Hehehe. pero medyo bling bling style.)
3) Laptop! Yey! Acer Travel Mate 4200 (sorry if i got the number wrong)...anyway...basta dual core!!!! Woohooo! Dual core tech!

Man...i am so tired.
Pagod mag drive. ang traffic din sa edsa kahit 9:30 na!

Anyway...napaka incoherent naman ng entry ko.
whoops sorry.
I had fun you guys! Hope we could all do it again.
Sayang! Most of you will be leaving next year. I wonder how I can deal with it by then.
Close friends graduating next year...

I will miss 01 people...really.
Thank you batch 03.

Thank you Circuit.

Happy 20th birthday to me next week!

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