Sunday, April 23, 2006

Been a while.

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Haven't updated for quite a while now.

Grabe. I forgot what happened! Hehehe, you see, I am also keeping an offline blog. Since there are two computers available, I get to spend my available time offline (sa laptop) kaya run na rin ako nag update.

Heheh, I call that blog, Prattles of Exhaustion. Hahaha, it's only because I get to update it a few minutes before I sleep.

Anyway, I havent been able to post my plasticism post as well as expectations. The third installment for the Moving on series. hahaha.

Anyway, what has happened to me so far?
1) PET bottles! Whoa! I didnt expect it would have taken me that quick to stomp on all the PET bottles I have here at home. They were so plenty! Two garbage bags na large were filled up full! And it only took me about 30-45 minutes or even less. The time includes me taking of the cap, washing the unwashed bottle and of course, stomping on them.

2) Adamson visit! Last friday, Rose and I went to Adamson. Grabe! I was extremely exhausted yet the feeling was rewarding. I got the 1800 pesos in cash! Yey! It was exhausting because...erm...imagine standing for the whole trip of the MRT and LRT ride as well as walking quite some distance to get to Adamson plus add to that the roaming around the campus to find the ECE dept which was quite secluded for those who are unaware of how people should go about Adamson! But it was fun, Rose and I got to eat at Jumbo Japs over at Gateway. Man! I was hungry!

3) Physics 104! Man! TO set your mind in the "Relativistic" way of thinking is quite the challenge. I am just so happy that I took this over the summer. Grabe! Ang hirap i situate ng mind mo to think that time dilation, length contraction and relative simultaneity really do exist! Man oh man! I just cant imagine taking this up with the EEE41, which has a physics component as well. Thank God it is Sir Tumlos. I just hope sample exams do well and studying really hard does even better.

4) Jogging! YEs! I can manage 2 rounds straight around the oval!!! Wheee! I cant believe it. I can actually make it to 2.5 rounds next week. It just requires proper conditioning and discipline. When you think you can no longer run, force yourself further. It's kind of like mind over matter.

5) Missed the Batangas trip with my highschool class mates. But it was kind of okay for me. I slept for about 16 hours but not exactly straight through. FIrst, 12 hours, then afternoon naps. Hahah. The trip was free though. Abigail Ko had her family's rest house over at Batangas. Man oh man! They had Baileys there waiting to be drank! I cant vouch for the San Mig LIghts though. I don't really like drinking beer. Shots are way cooler.

6) Expectations. I just realized that the only expectation that I really really really really really cant let go of is Academic expectations. I realized that I cant quite let go of that just yet. Perhaps because the biggest bulk of that expectation comes from me.

7) PBB teens! Hahaha! Nakita ko yung isa sa mga housemate sa Eastwood nun ah! That was when Circuit had it's so-called "Alumni HOmecoming." Hahaha. NAg yosi rin yun eh! He was with his friends though. Kaya ngayon ko lang narealize. I realized then because they were talking about him making it through the audition. They ate at Something fishy as well. I think I'd like to watch this season of PBB. Hahah. I didnt like the celebrity edition. Puro iyakan nalang eh. I just hope it doesnt become some sort of distraction.

8) ENd.

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