Monday, April 10, 2006

20 just feels like a bore.

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Haay...finally, I am close to saying goodbye to my teenager years.

I dont know why...but it just feels like a bore. I don't know. Maybe I am just not in the mood to celebrate just yet. Maybe I am exhausted. I don't know.

Or maybe, it's because I received my laptop and Tommy Hilfiger Watch 5-6 days earlier that there just seems to be no thrill to celebrate anymore.

Haay...I am bickering again, I am so sorry.

Anyway, just to share some updates.

1) I love being so extroverted. Hahaha! Before I went home this day, I talked with the "manininda" that I was a "suki" of. Hahah. I asked details about when they were going to transfer, exactly how much should they pay for the rent, blah blah blah. It was a great talk! Hahah! It just felt natural. Hmm...untapped potential. =)

2) I went to the office that handles scholarship over at vinzon's...and I am qualified for both. Actually, there could have been more but I restricted myself to two. And as of now, I am already eyeing on one. Peter Valdes. Hmm...sounds good. But wait, some of you may say, why do I need to get a scholarship? Why don't I let others have the opportunity instead? Here are my reasons:

  • Why should I let our financial stability ensnare me from receiving equal treatment? Well, for this case, getting a scholarship?
  • In life, it's either you take the initiative or not. I decided to. Others didnt. Simple as that.
  • The Peter Valdes scholarship has not been applied for, for almost a year. Sir Byran Lucas was the last recipient. =)
  • I want to be independent. I am already 20, and I think that it's the right age for me to stop depending too much on my parents and siblings. Yes, they can provide the cash...but for my siblings, it's almost about time for them to start their family. And for my parents...I think that they deserve the break.
  • I am grabbing this opportunity so that I can impose upon myself a greater expectation. Hmm...If I do get that scholarship, it will be pretty hard (wait, i am talking about the Peter Valdes scholarship.) I will need a GWA that's greater than 2. Now, that will be like hitting two birds with one stone. Since my goal for the remaining four sems of my academic life is to become a consistent CS. But I were to get the Presidential leadership grant, the average I will need should at least be 2.75.
  • This opportunity will make me realize my worth.
  • Though, I may say that I am in it for the money, actually I am not. Hahah! Fooled you guys! Well, to be honest, it's NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. I have mentioned my reasons above. =)
3) I spent like 20 hours straight reading a japanese comics (manga!) hahaha. Black Cat is so cool. For those of you who havent read it. DO SO! HMm...I accidentally got it though. I was looking for Reservoir Chronicles (Chronicle of the Wings) and Alice Academy (Gakuen Alice) but sadly...they're just so hard to find. Maybe it's because they have been licensed that's why scanlations were put to stop.

4) I guess that's just it so far.

Wish me luck!
I really want that scholarship.

DREW'S bukas! Kita kits! Libre ko ang inuman eheheh. 
Bakit inuman?
Well, simply because...mas matipid siya and mas less asikaso.
I've considered manlibre sa MAX's...too much hassle. Nakakapagod asikasuhin pa yung reservations etc etc. And...mas mahal eheheh yung rice orders nila hindi sapat.
I've considered Oodeys pero mahirap din. The place is too small...mahirap eh.
I've considered Catering sa Tambayan...well kasi meron kaming alam sa Thomas Morato na nagdedeliver ng food. 5 ulam orders then libre na delivery. Okay sana pero asikasuhin ko pa yung utensils and plates...too much hassle.

So...Drew's nalang.

Sorry sa mga hindi umiinom. =p

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