Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bad to the Bones (part: moving on)

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It's quite amazing actually...being evil...well maybe in your eyes it might not be evil...but in my eyes, they are.

I have developed this incredible knack of dettaching myself from something if I deem that something to be some sort of "threat." What kind of threat am I talking about? Well, you can call stuff or people who may interfere with my goals of being a College Scholar for the remaining four semesters of my academic life a threat. With regards to people, they could be people that may induce emotional turmoil or whatever. Just...things that could disrupt my concentration...or things that could introduce some kind of confusion. And, I seem to have actually done something that I never have done nor even thought about doing before. That something is detacching myself to something or someone I already became attached to.

Well, of course, distance and time always provide some comfort and moving on factor...But I have always adviced a friend of mine that the best way to move on is to create and harbor hatred against somebody or something. Heheh, ang EVIL ng dating diba? Well, my philosophy behind this is that, instead of feeling love and desire for something (that potentially could ruin your goals) why not get used to feeling spite against that something or someone until the time wherein spite has turned to hatred then to wrath. =) And before you know it, nag move on ka na.

Moving on...Yes, it is hard. I have gone through it...several times now actually. Haay. Nevermind. I am just babbling...and confessing my sins to you people.

So this has been a friendly reminder to you people. If you want to move on...why spend your time mourning and wallowing in tears when can harbor hate against something and actually tell yourself you have moved on...even though you havent because you still harbor that hate...well...time can make you forget that hate...

^_^ the one winged devil. hehehe
im so evil.

Oh yeah, maybe next issue, we can discuss "plastic" or hypocrites.

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