Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Marami palang nangyari kahapon.

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I slept at about 4:00 - 4:30 am yesterday. It wasn't hot or anything. I just had so many things in my mind that I wanted to happen that I couldn't sleep because I wanted to get them done as soon as possible.

Woke up feeling great! This happens almost always on first day of classes. I mean, I had so little sleep, I woke at about 6:30am, yet I already had a lot of energy to just jump off the bed and head downstairs supposedly eat breakfast but I realized I had no appetite so I just tasted the rice and hotdog. Hahaha. Taste.

1st stop: LTO MAIN BRANCH!
Fuck! I wasted quite a considerable amount of gas in trying to find that LTO Main Branch! I was already in city hall and I traveled 6 times the distance needed to actually get to LTO from QC Hall. My mom gave me instructions to enter through the back entrance by going through (V.Luna?). Like duh, I came out of EDSA! There was no sign of any back entrance! But I was kind of glad I exited at EDSA. I drove to EAST AVE again and found LTO!

Then I parked and then I was escorted to the drug testing center (man! It was almost like a market there! Glad there wasn't any stench of urine hanging in the air) then I completed the forms then I peed (Hahah! No details here. But I'd like to tease and say as much as, the bottle had little capacity. Hahahah!) Then I finished there and I went for some eye test bullshit. People could have just memorized it. Like what I did for F and P for the 10th scale. 4 people were ahead of me and I analyzed what was asked for them to read, it turned out it was either 9 or 10. Anyway, no biggie. I have 20 20 vision.

Then I went to the renewal section. Damn! I spent 2 hours there waiting and waiting and waiting.

And when I was done, I only had 70 pesos in my wallet! My mom said I would only have needed to spend less than 200. DUH! Hahah. It cost me 593.something pesos. Thank God my mom works in QC RTC. Hehehe, may source parin somehow.

2nd stop: Physics 104!
Sir Tumlos!!! Err...Hide. Hahaha. I was quite shocked with what I learned from Sir Tumlos c/o Snap. The introductory blah blah blah of Sir Tumlos was something like "mahal na mahal niyo ako ah. Ay hindi pala, nagbabasa ako ng blog." And he described the person who wrote that blog. He mentioned things like semikal haircut and "siguro by now may buhok buhok na rin yun" which narrowed the person to non other than Kel! Well, that was in Snap's point of view. I was late so I asked sir who owned the blog when I took my class card from him. He told me it was from someone named KEMIKULZ. Hahahah! Siguro sign nga na siya yung prof and nag ME ka kel!

3rd stop: Gift for cousin.
^_^ Stopped over at vinzons to give my cousin his graduation gift. =)

4th stop: BPI TOWER part 2! (where a lot of armored cars and ARMED men were hanging around)
talked with Ayala Foundation. bleep bleep. NO more details. hehehe baka may gumaya pa.

5th stop: EEE building for EXecom meeting.
Haay...Finance Committee has the most challenging undertaking. And...What the fuck! We have the least number of members (next to sec gen). Man oh man. I need more members! I have to consult the other execom regarding this.

Next issue:
PLASTICISM. Let's be plastic.

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