Saturday, April 29, 2006

Under the bridge.

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This week has honestly been a week of fucked up time management. But there's a sense of achievement because everything pulled through somehow  because I did my best for it to be so.

1) Physics 104 exam
       Man oh man! That Physics 104 is a real bitch...well, that was what I thought when frustrations arose when I realized I didnt have enough time (more on time later) to finish reading through the last chapter for the exam coverage. Well, for Physics 104, the topics being discussed are interesting but because of the difficulty of the topic, it's just hard to predict. =) For the 1st exam we had yesterday, I feel confident enough to say that I will get a grade greater than 80. So, that will be 1.5 in the College of Science grading system. Not bad for a first exam. =) I pulled through Physics 104 because I was able to review enough sample exams multiple choice questions as well as because I understood how and when most of the equations should be used. I am just so happy! Even though I have been so busy doing stuff for FOPC for CIRCUIT, I managed to pull through.
    Physics 104 target grade: 1.75 minimum

       Now, being the Finance officer as well as handling the white papers for the organization is really really tough (and this is just the start of the sem). As if the load is not hard enough, I even volunteer myself to do more things. Like for one thing, Lawrence and I went through _________ scavenging for PET bottles sources (Sorry, I don't want to disclose the place. hehehe, this is after all, not a safe channel. "may erg ba na nag lj?") Anyway, I have been just so busy for this week when it comes to FOPC that my "rest time/sleeping hours" was compromised. Wait, don't think that it was all purely FOPC. Argh let me epxplain better, you see, I tend to sacrifice my sleep when I want to get more finished (though, it's proven to be less productive). So, after working my ass off during the day, I try to relax myself by watching TV...and hehehe...I get hooked and there you have it, lack of time management. hahaha. I only started studying seriously for Physics 2 days before the which I devoted most of ....nevermind, im babbling again.

3) PBB segue muna.
       Shit. Naiinis talaga ako run sa Aldred na yun. Sa sobrang naiinis ako all through out nung finifeature yun, napapamura nalang akong puta puta puta puta ehhehe, sorry bad words. Eh kasi naman, sinasabi na valedictorian siya eh napakakitid ng utak. Tama nga naman yung si mikki (tama ba spelling?) na parang gusto pa nung Aldred na yun na marinig sa lahat ng mga housemates niya na di siya pabigat. Eh the mere fact na pinapalala niya yung issue na sa sarili lang niya nafifeel eh....bobo pala siya eh. Shit. I was just so pissed off at him. Why am I this affected? It's because I thought he was the most capable to win. Valedictorian siya so I had so much expectation. But...frankly he was so lame. So so lame. I don't think I was like that when I was of his age. Grabe. Sobrang self-centered talaga nung putang Aldred na yun. Parang sobrang daming segment ng PBB na inallocate sa pag comfort sa kanya ni bigbrother pati ng mga housemates. Shet. Wag naman siguro nilang sabihin na dahil sa "valedictorian" siya and "matalino" kaya di stable yung pag-iisip niya. HMMMMM....HAHAHAH! I THINK I KNOW SOMEBODY THAT MAY BE LIKE ALDRED. Ay shet. Ayaw ko ng isipin tong bagay na to. lalo lang akong napupurga diyan kay Aldred.

4) Social Life.
       Hmmm, I missed the Batangas trip my hs friends had. I think I just might start organizing the Puerto Galera trip. I am not sure though who I will try to invite. I realized just a few hours ago that for the Puerto Galera trip, I won't be inviting just anyone (sorry, i think im becoming snotty here). I mean...hmm...(change language ng pag-iisip) Kasi naisip ko na kasi yung ibang mga tao na baka maaya eh di naman kaparehas ng trip ko pagnagpunta pa ako ng puerto. Eh since ako nagorganize, and yung typical me, pag ako ang nagorganize ng isang lakwatsa, gusto ko lahat "nakasakay sa biyahe" walang ma-o-p. Eh hehehe, may ibang mga tao na nagyaya na feeling ko di kami parehas ng trip kaya baka...ayun nalang. The kind of trip i was talking about...hahaha are the ones similar to what we did last puerto trip. I dont think everyone appreciates that. Some people would prefer to do other things. And frankly, I dont have the luxury of time to worry.

5) Stressed.
       Hahaha, I dont even know the fluency of the english I used here. My mind is just floating. My mind is exhausted though my body still has enough. Hahaha. Sorry if there are errors in my grammar.

6) My favorite song so far.

...I never worry
Now that is a lie
I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way
It's hard to believe
That there's nobody out there
It's hard to believe
That I'm all alone ...
I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all that way

Under the bridge downtown
Is where I drew some blood
Under the bridge downtown
I could not get enough
Under the bridge downtown
Forgot about my love
Under the bridge downtown
I gave my life away

7) I think I just might ask my mom to treat me to a movie tomorrow. Silent Hill! 
So exhausted. Good night!

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