Sunday, May 7, 2006


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Grabe! Yesterday and today...I've overslept!
Last friday I slept at about 10:30pm and woke up at about 10:30am the following day! Grabe! Hahaha, FOPC drained the life out of me. Anyway, Rose and Raffy came by yesterday.

We studied for physics 104 together. Then ate lunch. Then ate merienda, then went to Gateway to watch MI3! Tant tant tantTANTtant TANTtant tant...

hehehe. Cool. No spoilers here. Basta, the action sequences were astig. WEll, when I was watching it, di man lang ako nagtaka...shet possible ba yun magawa? WEll, the way the angles were taken or basta I dont know the term pero ayun nga, it wasnt obvious na movie pala siya. Parang possible mangyari yung mga pinalabas eh...or hindi lang pala possible, talagang ginawa talaga nila.

Hahah. whatever.

No significant updates yet.

Since I havent been able to go jogging for quite some time, may be I could go later.

OH yeah! Significant na rin pala yung feat na naaccomplish namin for CIrcuit hehehe. We went to _______ and collected White papers! Yesh! Exercise talaga! Imagine going around that place. Tapos we went up to the tenth floor pa to collect papers and went down to the third. whew! Extreme workout.

No wonder...I looked way slimmer than before!

oh yeah, that's a serious statement. I've lost quite a lot. relatively speaking

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