Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's been a while...yet again

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I can almost taste vacation in the air! Wheee!!!
I do hope that Raffy and Rose will get the thumbs up regarding their trip to Mindoro. Shucks...I really want to hit the beach and soon! Yey! Libre naman yung accomodation so...hahaha...YES! More money!

Anyway, here are some updates:
1) FOPC. Yes, finally it's over. And the event only made my decision more solid regarding UP circuit chairpersonship. I really dont want to be the next chairperson. I dont think I will be able to handle it. I dont want to be the next Dong Chua. Besides, I promised my parents that I will do my best to at leat become Cum Laude.
Oh wait, that's way Off topic. I was talking about FOPC. Grabe! It was so exhausting...but also rewarding. Exhausting in the sense that almost everyday (Weekdays) I only get home at about 8-9 pm. FOPC stuff and everything. Grabe! Pero the rewarding part of everything was that...I lost 4 kgs! Hehehe, Or maybe 3. I am now better fit! Yes! The next thing that I should look forward to is...ahem...weight training. =p

2) Physics 104. Grabe! Cono mode muna. This subject is so damn hard. I really thank God that I was able to take it this summer. I don't think I could handle it if it was on a regular sem. Nope, I am not trying to scare anyone pero the subject matter is just a little whee bit hard to grasp. My gulay! Reading the text book will really consume your time! Plus, considering the subjects that I will be taking next sem, I dont think it will be easy to juggle it along with my other subjects, 40 series, 107 etc etc. Grabe talaga. The subject matter...especially the fourth exam. I wouldnt have been able to know anything had I not read the book...ANd grabe it took me about 1 day full to read it! 

Ps: raffy and rose and gepol and lew had stayed over my place. Lew stayed over to have some company. Gepol, rose and raffy are here to group study. =) 

3) Vacation: Oh yes, I mentioned something about mindoro. Hehehe, Lew has presented their family's resort over at mindoro! So, the place is all free and the only thing we need to worry about is the transportation costs. =p Haay...But still, I think I'd want to go to Puerto Galera. Plus, there are some people who are coming along that I dont think I want to. I mean, there are people who are coming along who I dont think I will like to be in company with.

Haay...Grabe, it's been so long since I last entered something in this blog. Hmm..Hahaha. Wait. I thought for the moment that it was already May 29! My gulay! How stupid! Hahaha. May 24 palang pala! Hahaha. Time flies by so fast...Summer classes! I love summer classes!

PS: sorry to my lj friends! I havent had the luxury of time to comment on your entries. I had read through your entries though. I dont think I missed out on any. =)

Anyway, ayun nga, finally, 104 is almost over, summer classes are about to end. I wonder what I will be doing next week after the Mindoro trip...? Hmm...plan Puerto Trip and perhaps play PS2! Wheee!! Sobrang dame ko ng games na namiss out.

Anyway...I should not be staying up too late. Have to study and reserve my strength for tomorrow! =)

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