Monday, May 29, 2006

things and stuff

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1) came back from mindoro yesterday. =) yes! finally! im darker! "you know, sometimes i just get so bored with the same old skin." Anyway, had lots of fun and so many conflicts have been resolved. =) I believe I was the one who had the most conflict there...i am just so good at hiding them. Thank God they're all over. Oh yeah, just to tease you a bit, we went to another island to explore, we had the resort all to ourselves, we (well some of us) were able to explore the parts of the sea that would have been too deep for us to go to when the low tide set in, we had a bonfire created, we sang to our heart's content (At the videoke), we ate so much hehehe etc etc.

2) finally, i was able to say this to somebody "How can you belive in something you can know nothing of?" Yes! score! hahaha.

3) So many things to do. I almost forgot all about them. Tsk tsk. My God! I will be so wasted even before the sem starts!

4) X3 rocks!

5) Poseidon sucks! (big time)

6) Sm mall of asia is now my favorite mall! Hahaha! It is just so cool! Must go there again!

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