Thursday, April 6, 2006

Acer Travelmate 4200

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Yey to my first laptop!
I still can't believe it. I have my own laptop! hahah. wait. weird thing, after typing that statement, I was reminded that I have a new watch! ahahaha. I totally forgot about that tommy hilfiger watch!

Man oh man. Thank you sis, thank you bro and thank you dad and mom! This has got to be the most extravagant gifts that I got for my birthday! 

Anyway, Yey!

Right now, I already managed to set up my dsl connection for this laptop. Well of course, that is, provided it is connected to the Zyxel modem that the Pldt dsl uses.

whew! So many things accomplished in just over a night.
1) I've installed adobe photoshop, imageready and cracked both softwares as well
2) installed winrar
3) installed winamp
4) transferred important documents
5) transferred all my current music playlist
6) installed yahoo messenger
7) installed firefox
8) installed post-it software
9) installed eagle
10) finished typing the things i need to present to my co-execom! Whee! Responsibilities have never seemed sweeter with this laptop. =) Bring them on!
11) Managed to learn the basics of photoshop

Haay..I feel so accomplished.

I'm still thinking though, should I use bittorent for this laptop or limewire? I really feel the urge to use limewire, but some part of me tells me to go for bittorent instead.

Anyway, for later:
1) Check on petition list of Physics 104
2) Check grade for physics 103
3) Talk with Rose and get all the important finance committee stuff. marketing contacts etc etc.
4) Eat out over at chocokiss
5) Planning sem over at lew's or you can say, planning sem over at 10 steps from our gate! hehehe.

Haay..I so love typing in this laptop. It's the softness I really love in keyboard. Man! Buti nalang magaling ako magtype. Yung tipong hindi nakatingin sa mga daliri pagnagtatype. Hahaha. Meron akong certain discrimination against those who type looking down. Hehehe, well, it's not really the typical discrimination pero hehehe pinagtatawanan ko sila minsan, like my sister! She is still not that proficient in typing. Oh really, thank you to my computer professor back in highschool, and mind you, she was one hot prof....well, of course, this perspective and opinion was formulated at the age of 18. Hahaha! I wasnt as fornicated back in gradeschool and early highschool compared to the current state i am in now.

haay...Comm 3 grade = 1.25. My expectation was not lived up to. Sayang! this could have been my seventh 1.00 subject. But I guess, my collection of 1.25s will now 5th?! Oh damn! I thought I had more just saw through my Grades...and damn damn...I wish I was cum laude standing now...1.83...1.75...hopefully.


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