Thursday, April 6, 2006

Boredom can bring good things

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Okay, so i was bored. What is there to be ashamed about?!

Hahaha...well, let me tell you one thing that I should be ashamed of.

I spent like 45 minutes of my time creating an excel file documenting my whole academic standing!

Hahahah!!! yes, i added, multiplied and divided etc etc the cells!!!'s what I learned.
before this sem started, I had a GWA of about 1.8267

And, after this sem, of course, I assumed a grade of 1.75 for Physics 103 and 1.25 for EEE 103 (grades which I hopefully get...and the grades that I do get based on the computations I made)

erm...oh yes, after this sem, my GWA will be 1.8072

mukhang dapat ata puro CS CS CS CS CS CS standing ko for the summer and the rest of the 4 semesters left of my college life!
Hmm...not entirely impossible...the term would be...manageable.

Good luck to me!
Man, I don't think that being a cum laude will be unattainable! I know that if I so wish it to happen, I mean if I do my best and be the most determined I can be and also have enough faith in myself that I can do it and have enough faith in God that he will guide me to accomplish it, then I can!!!

=) No more burdens. Start moving on. Oh wait, I have finally moved on! Hahah! The little pieces that I needed some answers to have finally been answered! So, lesson learned, know the people you associate yourself with! Erm, hahaha! =p

Peace sa tatamaang mga bad influence! bad yun!

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