Wednesday, April 12, 2006

20th bday celebration

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first and foremost, i dont know but, I just didnt want to be greeted on the day of my birthday.

I just felt so distant when I was greeted, a feint thank you and the cute smile was all I offered. Haay...I dont think I've reached the point where people don't really dare say their sage. 20 is 20 as I thought, but 21 just seems like more fun. The day was a bit of a drag...grabe nakakapagod kasi! here's why:

* There was a fuck*ng bitch over at the Physics Pav. You see, I left my classcard at my house. Yes I know, it's my bad. So she insisted that I won't be able to enlist not unless I can show my classcard. I asked if CRS grades printed out will be okay, she said, yes. Then...that was the first thing I tried doing. I decided to leave the car at the Kamia Parking lot and just walk to EEE. Balik ko rin naman kasi sa PAV...then I learned down ang CRS that time! Damn! Diretso na ako sa Kamia (rode Ikot though) para umuwi! Kuha ako ng classcard sa bahay totally pissed off. Then nung nakuha ko na and nakabalik na ako sa UP (Physics Pav), biglang tumatanggap naman pala ng form 5! Putang Ina! Pero okay na yun. That bitch! =) (pero okay na talaga ehehhe nilunod na ng alak ang mukha niya)

With regards to the party...Ayun inuman. hahaha. danced danced.
Then...haay...ayaw ko na mag type in ng details. too exhausting. memories nalang eheheh.

Then...katipunan raid. WE were the ones who raided it. hehehe kami nalang yata natirang customer sa mcdo then lipat 7-11 when it got sweltering hot sa mcdo due to the aircon being turned off.

then im home!

oh yeah, tapos ko na rin pala yung enlistment.
Had so much fun when the alcohol started kicking in.

YEY for alcohol! But of course, don't over do it!
Never drink and drive. kaya nga iniwan ko yung kotse sa bahay!

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