Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mar. 11th, 2006

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hmm...campaign starts monday. =)

vote for tipz as the next finance committee head.

last friday, i slept at 6am. I was finishing my candidacy form, spoa/gpoa and curriculum vitae. It was kinda fun doing it. And, also, the way things turned out...well...rather well. =) I didnt expect some other candidates to pass candid shots of themselves for the picture. ahahha. lew went for the shades picture, risha opted for a full frontal smile pic and I...hehehe went on and had a right side of face view while listening to some mp3 cool effect pic. =) Then, rose, lew, a.lo and I went out and watched Yours, mine and ours. A good movie to watch. Light story not something that requires you to think a lot but overall it was entertaining.

Today, Saturday...I did almost nothing except study for my EEE103 exam...well, not really study but I just tried solving the problem tell you honestly, I was dumbstrucked. I also had a strong sense of hesitation to not browse through the book.

I'll probably start with EEE25 problem set before hitting the sack later.

For tomorrow:
1) Study eee25 and eee103.
2) Jog around UP
2.1) Meditation time
2.2) mental simulation of meeting de avance question&answer portion
2.3) campaign strategies
3) start reading 1 chapter for eee25
4) start reading 1 chapter for physics103
5) sort clothes for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. hehehehe. (grins)

good luck to other candidates!

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