Monday, February 27, 2006


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What a time to mourn...

Prior to such mournful happenings:
*had 2 exams last saturday. i hope i get good grades in both exams. eee25 was bad! eee23 drained me. eee25 came after. lack of focus. damn! bicker.
*watched final destination 3 with my mom ahhaah. the movie was fun but not exactly as exciting as the prequel(s).
*slept most of my sunday through
*jog at UP once again but this time much much more earlier than I usually do. I figure, if I jog elsewhere, i wont be as comfortable...regarding security. Anyway, I noticed that there are more security personnel...nope not the military kind...but the special task force with the batuta and matching vest of some sort.
*met lew and norman and gabo but wasnt able to talk much with norman and gabo because their pace was too slow. duh. they were just walking. Whew! That was some work out.
*Went back to mandaluyong to see the renovated unit we once owned. So...2 units will now be rented. Yey! Money.
*We brought Gringo, our dog along for the trip. Hahah! That dog! Many are saying that he's so gentle (english term for malambing?). Hahah! He's just so adorable. mom injured herself by toying with the dog. Hahah now there's the scare of rabis. She's going to get herself administered with some vaccine. I do pray that it's nothing serious.

Then...on our way back from mandaluyong...Rosario Reas, popularly known as Rose to Circuit (LOL) text-ed me and told me that there will be no classes, I was of coursed relieved at first then shocked next. Relieved because that would mean that I wont have to do my eee 23 problem set just yet. And then, I was shocked because I saw no reason for classes to be suspended...Of course, I was already aware of what was happening at Fort bonifacio...I spent most of my sunday afternoon awake watching news.

Then...when my mom was buying something from Chowking for dinner...while I waited in the car to tend to our dog...I realized something...

This country makes me sad. I was actually mourning...minus the tears.

When my mom came back, I told her (unaware of the weight of the statement) that..."Ma, paggraduate ko alis na tayo pilipinas."

I was shocked when the sentence ended. It's just so sad...

Prior to this...My dad called last friday...when all the mess started. He was checking up on us. By the end of the phone call...he told me: "Basta stay neutral. Ayaw kong sasali ka sa mga rally (I was thinking...siyempre naman po...hindi naman lahat ng taga UP puro rally nalang)...Magaral ka ng mabuti (Which of course, I intend to do.) Para pagtapos mo magtrabaho ka na sa ibang bansa."

Sigh...this country is just so sad.

Fuck you Cory Aquino. Fuck you Joseph Estrada. Fuck you Franklin Drilon. Fuck you Ping Lacson. Fuck you Susan Roces. Fuck you Opposition Circle. Fuck you Communists. Fuck the people who have nothing better to do than rally (Find a job! Find something productive to do.)

fuck the people who are fucking up this country.
don't fuck all of us up.
Fuck you

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