Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Cough Cough.

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Here are the things that could have possibly led me into having another ahem ahem...cold/sore throat.

If you may have noticed the time I updated my blog, it was about 2:45 am then...i think. And I read more of my Artemis Fowl book after so I ended up sleeping at about a little past 4.

Then, I did not really get the best quality of sleep, I was awakened by my mom several times. She was consulting me about certain things that I try to recall...blank. Duh. I was just half awake. Hehehe, that mom of mine! Anyway, Just when I thought that things will be just rest and relaxation, oh no! My mom reminded me that my cousin from the US is coming to visit us at our place...with her husband. Hmm...

So nevermind, I thought they would have come by lunch and since I woke to eat lunch at about 2pm...And watched some bits of news regarding the Wowowee incident, but still they werent there...I decided to sleep again! Ahahaha...And I woke up at about 4pm! And they were already here! Man! Oh mAn!!! I havent taken a bath yet ehehehe...PS: my body was a little sore after the night from Euro Star Carnival.

Anyway, fast forward: My mom volunteered us or rather ME! to drive them to my uncle living at San Juan! And...we found traffic...and I was infuriated fast...really fast. You see...I hate traffic. More so when there is little or none choices of road to take...SO...I forced my mom to experiment! Ahahah...I just went into this "eskenita" and we were almost lost but team effort got us to San Juan! Whew! After that...we all ate at diba sana dun nalang namin mineet yung uncle namin...hehehe pero the story was that they wanted to see the place. Alam niyo naman mga Pilipinong balikbayan...dapat ma "fill in" regarding the history that they missed out on.

Anyway, yes, we went home after that... and tulog ulit ako! ahahah...pero pero...

At about 2am...I woke up with an aching stomach! Oh no! Damn Damn! I should really start eating more fruits! Err...I dont even want to recall the experience...but frankly speaking, I woke up several times more when I thought I had so-called "dismissed" everything. ahahha.

When I woke, yes my stomach was still a little queasy. Oh yeah, my mom went to a wedding...that's what woke me up. Then sunday went by so and and so...I was not feeling to well that's why I decided not to jog around UP. I waited for my mom's arrival because we were supposed to go somewhere and pick something up. around 11 something pm...I decided to take a shower...then my mom arrived...and I forgot that I locked the screen door sa ground floor! my mom had to wait outside for several minutes...oh yeah, I locked the screen door to let some more natural light in...i mean para hindi na isara yung main door...and i lock para pwedeng maiwan. So anyway, punta kaming somewhere at anonas and picked up the bag of my sister from someone. Then I had a very late dinner. Tsk, sarado pa kasi jollibee sa philcoa then eh. Sa 24 hour diner that's just about 50 meters from our house ako napabagsak. Ahaha...ops. Di ako nagmamatakaw ah! After the painful wake up call at about 2am and several more...and not having eaten a decent meal that day...nobody can blame me.
Oh yeah...bukas na comm 3 OI ko! OI = oral interpretation. I forgot to mention that I did some more practice. Ahahah...little to no more practice nga eh...amazingly after a week of not having practiced that poem...I still remember the words by heart...ang saya saya...VERY NOT LIKE HIGHSCHOOL

Woke up earlier than usual and left earlier than usual. I had to buy some face paint to complete my act for comm 3. My mom and I went to SM north. I accompanied my mom in buying some stuff for my mga kailangan pa kasi siya sa Guam and Monday, as in that day na rin yung alis. Grabe ang toxic ng mommy ko ahahah. Anyway. Was able to find the face paint early on pero ang mahal 299pesos! Kaya my mom and I went around the mall to find something while looking for the things that my sister needed. So...Wala na kaming nakita. Dumaan pa nga kami sa make up section ng SM department store pero yung make up mga 250 isip ko...yung face paint nalang talaga bilihin. Then, nauna akong umalis sa mommy ko. 11am alis na ako...may class pa ako sa physics ng 11 eh. Ahahaha. Anyway I arrived about 30 minutes late! Pero...hehehe okay lang...Hirap din kasi magpark! Grabe puno! May dumating nga pala...India's President came to NISMED i think. That was the cause of some detours thus more cars were led to park in AS.

Then My comm 3 oral interpretation! Weee! I did so well. I am sure of it. Heheheh the only part that I didnt do well was applying the face paint. Argh! I had to redo it about 4 times! Argh! Kaya tuloy na highlight yung eye bags ko hehehe which was the effect that I partially desired. Death. Nothing but Death by Pablo Neruda translated by Robert Bly. Got 1.25 with that performance. far my standing...if I remember it correctly is 1.25...May perfect attendance perk naman so...yes...sana may uno parin ako for this sem. 

Got to class for eee23 30 minutes late! Argh! Hehehe...umalis ako ng 10:05 am! Ano ba yan! hahahah...nakipaglaro pa kasi ako sa aso namin eh.
Then, interview sa IRC. ^_^
THen, nakuha ko exam ko sa EEE103. ^_^
Then sumali kami nila raffy and lew sa Stat-en-ek-ek ^_^...or rather. >.< man! those question were hard! Argh argh!!! 4000 pesos divide by 3!!! Sayang!
Then Lew rode along with me pauwi. Then we stopped over at Jollibee Visayas to get some thing to eat. Then of course, the usual talk. I like his plans for UP Circuit. NO more qualms about running. I am 100% sure. Part of my motivation was the realization that back in Highschool, my grades soared even higher than high when I participated in all the school's extracurricular activities...which also led me to win as one of the TOSM. Seriously, life is not all about Grades. Why let yourself grow in academics alone. I believe that you can achieve greatness not by academics alone. Here is one of the things I said to lew...

"OO nga, important ang leadership. Narealize ko nga rin yan eh blah blah blah...parang pag nagapply ka sa DSP...puro computer computer and programming ang matututunan mo (roughly told) pero sa IRC merong programming pero meron ding technical. And that's what makes the difference. Kasi yung mga programming maaaral mo naman yang mga yan sa libro pero yung technical stuff hindi. You gain technical literacy through exposure and experience." Hehehe so ayun ang analogy ko sa leadership. And besides, I thoroughly believe that you can get further with leadership backgrounds. 

Correction: Leadership backgrounds referring to experience with becoming a leader. And not a leader or let's say a Chairperson watchamacallit who just brandishes leadership but hides away when responsibilities come. Tingan mo nga yung EEE days. hindi ko mafeel ang presence ng Circuit. Oo nga tama nga sabi ni Lew. Plus plus!!! Yung SquEEEze raw...ahem ahem...baka hindi pa ang venue hindi pa sure...hindi pa raw nakipagcoordinate sa EEE department. Okay, let's lay it all down...Here is one of the biggest flaws that Kristine E. has. Siya yung Chairperson so dapat lahat ng activities ng lahat ng committees minomonitor meron din siyang "hand" in the work. Hindi lang puro oversee ng oversee sa mga activities. Yan tuloy sablay sablay...nafifeel din tuloy ng karamihang mga members na IDLE ang circuit. Sayang talaga...feeling ko kasi lahat ng mga naging achievement ng circuit ay parang facade lang para macover up yung mga katotohanan. Parang isang bahay na oo nga maganda fully furnished etc etc pero yung mga ginamit na kahoy para sa structure ay inaanay na...huhuhu sayang. But dont get me wrong, I am thankful for the Lord for helping circuit get that far.'s just misconstrued. the Lord helped the members get it together for Circuit. Pero sana hindi lang lahat ng bagay dinadaan sa prayers...sabi nga nila God will help us get half the work done and the rest is upon us. Salamat talaga sa 04/05 at 03 ng circuit at ilang mga 02. Haay...seriously lang ah...kasi sabi nun 02 raw ang nagdala. I am truly sorry pero dont rake in the glory. That's just being delusional. Anyway. If I ever become a leader, I will do my best not to become "idle."

Ops. hindi ako namumulitika. I mean, oo nga plan kong tumakbo for FINCOM head pero pero pero pero sinabi ko to para hehehe may reminder ako sa sarili ko of what I felt now that the "end is upon them." hehehe ang sarap maglaro ng words.

PS: Change of plans, baka hindi na ako mag MS EE...hmm...I think mas gusto ko yung career path na mag MBA after 2 years of work experience. Malay niyo...i fund pa ng pinagtatrabahuhan ko ahahahah...leave pero may pay. (rubs hands)

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