Saturday, February 11, 2006


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Love is in the air. Hahahah! Fuck. If I wasnt afraid of committments then L.O.V.E would have been very much welcome. But sadly, I am committed to so many things that L.O.V.E will have to wait. Hahaha! The envy! The envy!

Anyway, just came home about 30 minutes ago from EUROSTAR!! Back once again! Hahaha. I was just there last week! Hmm...I hope my cough doesnt get worse. Hahaha...I've been shouting shit and shit and shet hehehe in some rides or rather the Joker/G-Force. Whew! My throat is sore from all the shouting. Hahaha. Poor Joanna...a highschool friend if you may have asked...she's just too fragile for such rides. Hahaha. She seriously lost her face's color after a ride at the flipper then the booster. Hahaha. Then...another knockout after the Joker. Brian and Edeline! Hahaha. Bagay kayo! Kai!!! Hug! Thank you for accompanying me at that height!!!! Nakaka freak out! Kasi naman eh ang bigat natin kaya tuloy....argh! Vertigo anyone?

Whew I am just so tired. Hmm...wasnt able to go to the EEE night. I committed myself to Eurostar first.

I'm exhausted!!!

Tomorrow or rather hours and hours from now...yes mamayang gabi! Ahahah, I must study for Physics...hmm...kasi naman si sir tumlos eh! Patapos na nga yung class na highblood pa sa mga classmates kong hindi nakikinig...hmm...di ko sila nakilala...haay...kelangan ko na rin matapos yung eee 23 homework pati yung eee 103 kelangan kong mareview. Haay...Grabe. I have been idle for a whole week! Nakaschedule pa naman din sa desk calendar ko na dapat tapos na ako magbasa ng physics nung thursday!!! Eh di lumalabas 5 days behind schedule na ako! Hahahah...oh well...


Grabe yung CNL outburst! Hmph! Dapat ako yung nanalo...binigay ko pa kasi kay ate may yung sagot! Gusto ko pa naman din nung Optical mouse! Sira na yung sa bahay...(di na ako maglalaro ng games para di masira yung mosue!)...baka bili nalang ako kay ate jac. Not unless mabasa to ni ate may at ibigay nalang niya sa akin yung kanyang optical mouse ahahah.

what else is there to update?
PUmayat na ako ulit ahahhaha. yung ibang mga di ko gusto yung fit sa akin nuon na certain pantalon. Astig na fit sa akin ngayon! Astig!

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