Saturday, February 18, 2006

Waz dat?!

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Yawn, still feeling sleepy...

Anyway, just some updates. Whoa! Whee! I am confident that I did well in the 2 exams I had yesterday. Physics 103 and EEE103. It's so amazing! Thank God! I woke up at 3am to study for Physics103...then I wasnt able to study for EEE103, the only review that I had was when I did the problem set...hahaha...Thank God!...Thank God that I wasnt a wreck when I took the EEE103 exam. (Crosses fingers) then I had to review for Physics103 again after the exam...and then came the exam...(Crosses fingers) ^_^ God loves me.

Then, Saturday afternoon, about 4pm, fetched my mom and we went to Circle C (waw! daming dvd), we returned some DVD i bought because I couldnt read the subs...possibly due to incompatibility someplace.

blah blah...then I treated my mom for merienda. Hehehe, I bought 1 slice each of...Oreo cheesecake, Chocolate Gateau...and...another chocolate cake but this time had more ??bread?? or maybe the better term will be a prodcut created from flour...ahaha basta yun. yum yum.

Then, night came and went to lew for his party. Happy birthday lew! Hmph. Nagenjoy na sana talaga ako kung wala si Lea run. ang yabang. nakakainis. hmph. Mas nagenjoy ako kung parang yung boys' night out dati.

Tapos na rin downloads ko! yey! ate may! tapos na sila.

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