Wednesday, February 15, 2006

post valentine.

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who's st. valentine? why is it that the "day of hearts" was associated with his/her name?

frankly, i dont care. im pretty sure most of the people who celebrated "that day" didnt even know that it was supposedly a "saint's day"


i never realized that my supposed entry last tuesday 3:45 am wasn't posted. I was far too exhausted then I think...that's why.

So far...Yes! I have progressed with Physics and still on track. Whew! I was having panic sessions yesterday (tuesday, valentine's day) when I felt that I was lagging behind and I won't be able to finish studying for physics 103 and eee 103.

Anyway, I still have 40+ pages to go on reading...but it's no biggie. I know I can.

wait..."i know i can" that reminded me of the entry that should have been posted.
basically, the content of that post was...regarding EEE.

I said some things like 
"I know that what I am going through is challenging, and that if I may have attended other universities like the Ateneo or DLSU, life would have been so much easier."
But then I go on saying that, 
"Then again, easier is never better...when you consider the long run. Being challenged though extremely devastating at times is really good for you. Well, that's if you keep on hurdling with the spirit to succeed, the strive to surpass the challenges. If life was too easy then people will never experience 'other-than-physical-growth.'"

blah blah blah blah blah. I can no longer remember most of the stuff i had typewritten...i must have been too exhausted...

Okay, I am not sure if I was able to tell anybody else this...but...
I have now become more OC!
I had to spend 20 minutes of my time organizing things over at my study area...and eheheheh details regarding my OC-ness that id rather not divulge...ahahah baka asarin niyo pa ako pag mahuli niyo akong in the act of being OC. 

anyway...teka nga...mag valentine's entry naman tayo.
Nope, even though wala pa akong love life or whatever...I dont really care. R-E-A-L-L-Y. When I consider the thought of it...laging nagpop up sa isip ko..."AM I EVEN READY TO COMMIT MYSELF?" and the answer will always be Y-E-S. I dont know why. I maybe scared of committments or maybe I just dont want another committment to tie myself to. Argh! Maybe, just maybe...if my GWA goes up to 1.75 (one point seventy-five) then the thought of committing myself to someone other than myself will be entertained. I believe that I have already gone through "committing" myself to someone other than myself pero it seriously caused repurcussions to...nevermind...ayaw ko aminin kahit na totoo. kaya...acads muna.

balik aral physics!

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