Friday, July 26, 2013

CH175a: London Part 2

Following the entry CH175: London Part 1.

As was previously mentioned, London is a beautiful city. There's a lot of history in the place. It can take quite a bit of time though to go to all the castles - some of which are outside London like Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle. But a visit to London / the UK will not really be complete without seeing them.

To maximize on the travel and cost, CP and I bought the London Pass with travel included. We bought two sets for each of 3 days. The explanation is all in the link above if you're interested. Basically, we were able to go to all the sites already pre-paid for. Some attractions had a fast pass available so you don't have to go through all the queue. For some, audio guides (which can be a bit cumbersome having to lug it around) were provided which provided more interesting historical facts. It saves you time having to read through some of the notations provided in some.

Of note, I realize that for this travel, similar to New York, a visit to the museums is a must. I found that I appreciate architecture, the general space inside the structure, sculptures and modern art. (I didn't appreciate 100% the visit to the portrait gallery just having to look at paintings of people).

Also, of note, it's nice seeing the Changing of the Guards scheduled once a day i think usually around 1130 - which can change or whatnot depending if there's an occasion in Buckingham Palace.

Anyway, I'm boring you with the talk:

So, without further adieu, more pictures! :-)
Next up, Edinburg.


  1. Nice diyan. I love the weather too hihi

    1. hahaha if it was sunnier id have loved it. for two weeks i only got to experience 2 and 1/2 day of pure sunshine. the rest were cloudy and overcast - considering it was meant to be summer haha

  2. I was planning to say beautiful photos but I realiSed this is about UK so...

    Lovely, lovely, lovely photos, Tipz! :P Hehe!