Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Random] BFF Conversations

It takes candor to be open to people and just laugh of what's seemingly stupid and embarrassing. It takes a true friend to be able to ride through the comedy and hilarity of circumstance. 

R: Ang hirap naman ngumuya dahil sa rubber ng brace ko. [sabay tingin nagmamakaawa]
(I'm having a hard time opening my mouth to chew because of my brace's rubber [puppy dog eyes]) 
T: Eh ano gusto mo gawin ko? Nguyain ko para sayo at iluwa sa bibig mo parang ibon? Ganon?
(What do you want me to do? Chew it and spit it in your mouth like a bird?)

(R wearing something sleeveless)
T: Ano ba yan? Kita ko na bra mo sa gilid!
(OMG! I can see your bra from the side!)
R: Ganyan talaga style niyan!
(That's how it is!)
T: Eh wag ka nalang kaya mag bra!
(Why don't you just take your bra off then?!)

R: Di ka ba bibili? [with matching taas kilay]
(Aren't you going to buy yet? [raises her eyebrow])
T: Bakit? Pwede ba munang pumili?
(Why? Can't I decide first?!)

R: Have you tried "3Σ"
T: Yep but I found it boring
R: Why?
T: Because all the attention was on me
(awkward silence lol)

Boracay, at store with a sales lady bawling and throwing some hysterics with people watching
R: Gusto mo bumili ng candy?
(You want to buy some candy?)
T: Seryoso ka?!
(Are you serious?!)
R: Ha? Bakit?
(Yes, why?)
T: [sabay tingin sa mga nakapaligid na usisero] Di mo ba nakikita yang nagtitinda na nag aamok?
([looks at the gathering crowd] don't you see the sales lady getting hysterical?)
R: Ay! hehehe

R: Gosh! Na miss ko na feeling ng makipaghalikan!
(Gosh! I missed the feeling of kissing!)
T: Baka mamaya gapangin mo Ko sa kwarto ah!
(You better not creep to my side of the bed tonight!)

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