Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CH176: Hokkaido Cupcakes

Despite popular belief, Hokkaido cupcakes originated from Malaysia - not Japan.

So, just tonight our team went to have a team building activity baking Hokkaido cupcakes. I would say this is my first foray into the world of baking and it was fun! Separating egg white from the yolk, whisking, mixing, folding hahaha. #housewife lol

I think overall as a team activity, we were able to achieve our goal of bonding. Considering I'm the newest joiner, it was fun getting to know my teammates as well as baking. Our instructor was also nice and patient to tell the background of the cupcakes as well as answer our random questions.

I was reluctant to wear the pink pinny (as CP called it). It's short British slang for pinafore or apron haha I researched.

We went to Blk 333, Kreta Ayer Road, #02-32, Singapore 080333, ITSI baking studio. I highly recommend it as a team bonding activity.


  1. Why is it called Hokkaido Cupcakes? :)

    1. hahaha i was busy folding the cupcake batter i didnt hear all. but i asked my colleague just now and was told that its named so because of a brand of Milk or dairy they have in Malaysia. They just named it after it as well as the association with the mountain of Hokkaido resembling the cream peak coming out of the cupcake :-)

    2. Interesting story. Thank you Tipz!!