Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CH174: Time Away 2

Here I am waiting for my laptop and my reporting manager to come back from his meeting, and I realize, the previous post on Boracay may leave the impression that I didn't enjoy it as much...

Believe me, I did. Boracay offers an escape. Being an hour away and a quick 20-30 minute ferry from Caticlan, and you're in paradise, heaven, nirvana, whatever you call it.

I've blogged before on my observation of how different the tourism infrastructure of Thailand is from the Philippines. I take it back, Boracay comes close. It just so happens that the Phi Phi island, etc that you can island hop on iin Thailand can come from Phuket or Krabi so its larger in that scale in terms of accommodating tourists and maneuvering them around through their speed boats. Boracay's infrastructure for tourism is okay. It can be convenient if you had the money to pay and have transfers arranged for you.

Price wise, Boracay seems cheaper than Thailad (we went off peak, as I did in Thailand). Food is almost comparable in terms of price if you based it in SG (around 10-15 sgd per main meal order, or 20-30 for the steak and something fancier). Still quite cheap if you come from SG or earn in dollars. But if you stopped converting FOREX, because peso prices seem higher compared to SGD, it does seem more expensive. 

There are so many things you can do in Boracay. At first we were planning to go for the Ariel's Point package but because it will take half a day, we opted for a more flexible and lenient schedule to just do parasailing and visit mt. Luho view point. Parasailing costs 1200 php per pax. Just make sure to try and haggle the price down.

Also, a quick commentary on where we stayed...we stayed over at Boracay Beach Club. It's not direct beach front but just on the Main Street and just a quick walk to the beach front. The owner is the same as the owner of Ariel's Point. The place was nice and the staff were very hospitable and accommodating. Considering its just 80 usd per night when we stayed, I would say its value for money. Relatively cheaper I think considering its in station 1.

And...I definitely should start on my entry for London and Edinburgh before I complete forget about them!

Definitely worth visiting Boracay!

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