Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WB1: Word Bubble Entry 1

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Ever since our Ilocos trip, I've been meaning to start a separate thread for this blog. Something that could spice up some intellect in my otherwise semi-boring life.

The inspiration behind this is for me to be able to document words that - seemingly , and quite suddenly may i add - pop in my mind. Words that I do know the meaning - given a context, but words which I find quite hard to actually define.

In our Vigan to Laoag trip, two words popped out of my head as we waited out ourselves - in a non-airconditioned bus - with lots of stops ("nagsasakay ng pasahero").

1. Episcopal. I knew the word had something to do with the church - and that it's an adjective. But, exactly what it meant, when asked to define it, well, like I said, I was short on words. All I could say was "it has something to do with the church." Searching through google, the word's definition is:

"of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Episcopal church; "the Episcopal hierarchy"; "married by an Episcopalian minister"

2. ?. I forgot the word. hahaha. But I do remember that it was a medical term. hypo or hyper something. And that it has something to do with hygiene. No. It's not hypoallergenic. I think it was a compound.

I figured - after some thought as to why I get some words popping out of my mind - that perhaps, those are words I happened to read upon in one of my books (I should start renovating my room to make room for my books - instead of storing them in Orocan boxes lol). And that, the active part of my brain that refuses to be idle - well, pops out those words so I have something to think about. They usually do pop out when, let's say, I'm in traffic (driving) or on a commute home. So, it's like "I have a friend in me." HAHAHAHA. Bipolar?

So anyway, since I'm on Asia shift later - below are some other words that may be new to you.

1. Septicemia - a blood infection. (from reading "The Ruins" by Scoot Smith. I thought, hmm... harry potter? Hahahaha)

2. Tryst - a date, a meeting or an encounter (At first, I was under the impression that it had to do with a battle, an exchange of swords - or something to that extent)

3. Cauterize - well, I thought that it's only meaning was a method to rid oneself of warts - but, well, it's to burn in general and it's also a means of first aid. Something like, "cauterize the wounds to stop the bleeding" - or to burn the blood vessels close to stop further loss of blood

More on this. Time to get some sleep!

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