Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CH31: Pagbabalik Tanaw. Ako at ang Telepono

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Don't expect this entry to be in Filipino. :p

Me and the phone.

As a lot of you may not know. I hate landlines. I hate their ring.
But I was not born to hate. No one ever was.

I loathe their being. ...
ESPECIALLY if, it rings by my bedside and it's either a wrong number, someone pitching a product ... just!
I just hate them.

Hate is a manifestation we allow.

I started hating landlines back in college...
It's just a short story though.

When we first moved into our home (town house) in QC, I lived in the third floor. No phone was in my room then.
There was one in the designated computer area about 10-15 feet away from my bed.

ALWAYS! ALWAYS! Around 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., after I slept around 5-6 a.m. studying for an exam, or doing research or perhaps (often times to seldom) playing the ps or online game, some f*ck would call! And, for the most part, it's people pitching a credit card or insurance or whatever you may think of, asking for my mom or my brother or my dad or my sister. None for me. (none important. Zilch). Some part of the whole of the calls I received then will have been due to a misdialed number. It happened a lot of times since we moved in to QC that at some point, upon being awakened by repetitive phone calls (by some f*ck), I decided to just remove the line from the third floor altogether! Good riddance! I'll just plug it back it when I'm properly rested I said.

As an interim solution when I became the FinCom Head of UP CIRCUIT (I bought a fax machine to increase my efficiency in marketing and stuff), I plugged it right inside my room. (The above paragraph still went on). I decided that perhaps, it will not be as much as a bother if it (the effing landline) was just a few steps away (not enough to really bother me sleep). BUT IT WAS. It WTF?! was.

During this time of my life, I was mostly awake at night balancing org stuff (reviewing finances, marketing etc) and acad stuff and of course, social life. I had arranged my schedule such that most of my subjects were in the afternoon. I thought, well, no problem there. Everything's going to be fine and dandy. But NO! For some reason, telemarketers would think that the people they are calling (not me) - who are most probably registered as PROFESSIONALS in their form or data or whatever - are at HOME during late mornings to lunch on WEEKDAYS?!

And that concludes my short story. The reason why I will most likely sound testy when you hear me answer a phone and I just rose from my bed to stop the ringing from going on and on and on and on. (The fax machine helped a lot in this aspect. I set it such that 4 rings will trigger the fax tone). But some people just don't get the hint.

Not a lot of people at work or friends know my home number. So no bother there.
PLEASE. Reach me through my mobile.

And  ... End of story.
Ang Pagbabalik Tanaw. Ako at ang Telepono

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