Monday, August 31, 2009

CH32: Ako at ang mga Kaibigan Ko

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On friends.

After riding through a boat ride for about 20 mins to Pandan Island (Palwan), it got me thinking ... about my friends ... duh.

I realized that I am friends with my friends as they have qualities that I want to have. It's easier to summarize it in physics talk - I think "parehas kami ng wavelength."  But then again, that argument does not take into consideration the phase of a wave. So dapat ... " parehas kami ng wavelength and phase." For those who did not take any physics course in college, two waves can have the same wavelength - but when superimposed on each other - cancels each other out (180 degrees out of phase).

So getting back, it's not that I choose my friends - it's more of I choose which friends I want to get closer with. It's a manifestation of my parents constant reminder to a kid ... to be wise on the friends one make ... and so, I try to be wise.

I guess what you can get out of this entry is a better understanding of my psyche - and that - your parents and elders give you advise and lecture you - not to nag (although it comes to that sometimes if we don't listen) - to help you become the better person that they think you can be. Ultimately, it's up to us - the youth - to face up to the challenge.

Time to snorkle!
(Finished entry on Pandan Beach, Palawan).

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