Friday, May 18, 2012

[Random] Collapse - defn: Nabagsakan Ng Barikada

In a very random occurrence, a barricade to close off the renovation of Tangs Orchard from pedestrians, fell on top of pedestrians.

Yes, I was one of those pedestrians. There wasn't any loud commotions before the fall, I was just alerted by someone in front of me running back where I came from. And then in a slow motion feel, I realized that the wall with a roof on top of me was on its way down. At this point I realized it would be futile to run back. So I stood my ground since its just aluminum (yero), I thought I could hold it off and so I did.

There was one man ahead of me though who wasn't as fortunate, he was crushed under and had to crawl out. Imagine that!

I think this is God's way of telling me to change since Ive been such a bad Christian...NOT! Haha just kidding. I think it's a reminder to remit more often to PAGIBIG and not just when I need OECs...NOT!

It was a fun experience. For that I rewarded myself by eating at Happy-V which doesn't taste at all like Jollibee in my honest opinion. I don't think I would be coming back. If I want to get a fix on Filipino food (which rarely happens), I would go to the one selling Tapsilog (I forget the name).

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