Thursday, December 11, 2008

CH22: Yes, No, Maybe, I don't know...

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Can you repeat the question?

2008 is such a mix for me. Not the best of years but not entirely the worst either.

Yes - Graduating on time. 5 years. With pretty good marks if I may add.
No - Pretty good marks is not exactly cum laude. Even though .02 -> .03 nalang kulang.
I don't know - Winning MADC...not sure if this one's a yes or no....considering what my groupmates and I had to go through back in 2007...But the money was well spent....Got me those lacoste shades after all. =)

Yes - SAP Basis work is growing on me. It takes some time getting used to. I may eventually be very good at it.
No - Conditional passer in the board exam. 2% nalang kulang!
I don't know - HP Confidential that has something to do with the recent crisis. At its very least HP has not opted to lay off anyone "yet"

---What's with 2%? I just noticed that for my No under Graduation and Career....2%? Coincidence? Hahaha. Or conspiracy?!

US Visa Interview
Yes - My parents got multiple entry visa for 10 years...yey!
No - I failed to get one. Consul says that I've just become a young adult whose starting his roots are not well established in the Philippines. No more comment on this though. We'll just go full circle and back again if this discussion lingers on.
I don't know - So...I won't be able to come with my parents to see my sister in Guam over the holidays...

Christmas Holiday
Yes - But the good thing about the above is that...I was able to book tour plans to Palawan for 4 days and 3 nights!!! And I was able to get the discounted package from PAL (Consider this...regular package would have cost us 49k +/-...but for the discounted package...we got it for around 35k +/-)...and better yet...I only made the reservation yesterday! And we leave manila on the 19th.
No - So I still have December 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27. My parents leave for Guam on the 23rd...So what do I do for the rest of the days I don't have work?
I don't know - Need to schedule barkada trippings! Which will happen spontaneously eventually.

What's left for the year? We'll see we'll see.
I look forward to 2009. A lot of things planned - career wise....Board exam...tentatively, I plan to retake the comm's part...not sure yet about the review aspect. I have a lot of things that I need to do in HP - work and extra curricular related.

Hopefully...I've been hearing my parents talk about plans of going to NZ come June of 09. I'm pretty sure they read my hey....heads up guys! "nageexpect ako." Hahaha. "Joke lang".

An important lesson I learned back in Grade 5 is that people should stop "expecting" blessings to come their way. But instead, people should "hope" for blessings to come. Pretty good life lesson learned at an early age right? The cause of the realization...Only at grade 5 did I stop expecting to be part of the Top 3 in our class...I was Top 1 during Kinder 1...Top 2 (or was it 3) during Kinder 2...and consistently been Top 4 from Grades 1 to 4...and then when I got tired of expecting...I just hoped for the best and became the consistent Top 2 from Grades 5 to Second year highschool...then Top 1 on my third year...then top 2 again on my fourth year...But then I digress.

Hope can only be as strong as your faith. And to be frank about faith loves rollercoaster rides.

(I just might catch the "The Day the earth stood still" later at 10 in Trinoma's THX)

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