Friday, January 11, 2013

CH147: When It's Over

As tears of remorse stream down the face. Sleep beckons and follows.

Despite everything, a heart that learned to love continues to love.

Questions too deep. Trust. Honesty. Loyalty. Fuddled into violence.

It's about time.


When its over. Flight to New Zealand later tonight. Goodbye SG. See you after several days. Not everyone can get their fairy tale ending after all. It was fun while it lasted. Lines have to be drawn.


  1. It's not okay, but you will soon forget.

    Take care Tipz

  2. Hayyyy tipz, at least you had your super saya and super kilig moments. Nasa NZ ka pala uli, I saw some of the pics on FB. Anyway, I just booked my SHM ticket, kala ko sold out na. See you when you're back. Have fun in the hobbit country

    1. wow SHM! enjoy friend! I'm back. just a little over 3 days there. :-)