Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CH146: Getting Fit + Playing Around

Following the fun and play last weekend - CH145: Water Park + Cooking Experiment, CP and I had fun during our first visit to the gym (Fitness First) last night.

We went to the RPM class first and man, was I out of shape! I was exhausted after that class - doing a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill before class started. I liked that the instructor used electronic dance music (EDM) during the class and even ended the class playing one of my most favorite EDM tracks from Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound. (YouTube below)

After the class, I showed to CP some of the drills that we do in dragonboat training and did those as well. For cooldown, ran some more on the treadmill. Can't wait to explore other Fitness First gyms in Singapore to see the facilities haha. So, now, I have a membership in True Yoga and Fitness First as well. I should still be doing yoga classes during Mondays though since I already paid for the whole membership (until end of this year).

Going beyond the physical fun and exercise, we continue our playing around even in email. CP and I usually say, email me, email me...seeing who will eventually end up emailing first (I would say we're about tied). Just now, I find myself LOL-ing with the bit of word exchanges we had.

Subj: email me
From: CP
You have been emailed
Love you x

Re: email me
you have been replied to.
thanks for stating the obvious my oh so sweet CP.
Love you xoxo

Good vibes ;-)

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