Thursday, March 1, 2012

SS2: Todai

Last February 24, 2012, I met my colleagues from IBM at Todai @ Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes. It was a some-sort-of despedida for one of our colleague (overall team lead/project lead when we worked on Schneider-Electric) as she is taking on a new role in IBM.

Anyway, the post is not about that, but more of to share the experience I had at Todai - and eating at a buffet given the dietary measures I'm taking up for a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Overall, I would rate Todai as 3.5/5 stars. I am comparing it to Circles and Spiral.
The price of the dinner is about 68 SGD nett. So, that's about 2380 - assuming an exchange rate of 35 pesos/sgd. Circles and Spiral, I believe are priced about the same - or close. But the overall number of dishes and dessert offerings is noticeably less than what is offered in Circles and Spiral. In terms of sophistication of dishes offered, Circles and Spiral had a better assortment.

As I read the reviews of Todai, people generally speak of it as to be one of the best seafood buffet here in Singapore. And yes, there were a lot of choices to go for, but only several dishes whetted my appetite. I would say that the seafood helpings I picked were indeed fresh - especially the oysters. Thankfully, they have already changed their standards when preparing the oysters (I think) - given that I didn't experience any food poisoning (Read article here).

If the pricing was different - let's say 58 sgd (?), then maybe I would have rated it higher.

Or maybe - given that I started to watch what I eat had something to do with my appreciation of the buffet concept.

First plate: Snow crab legs, salmon sashimi, oysters, Caesar salad and baked scallops

Second plate: prawn gratin (?), escargot with cream sauce, takoyaki like thingie (mushroom and shrimp),  lapu-lapu?, fried chicken wing

Third Plate: Oysters, prawn gratin, baked scallops, chicken wing, salmon with cream sauce

Fourth plate: Caesar salad, prawn gratin, brocolli and mushrooms, roast beef

Group picture. I could have sworn I had my eyes opened when this was taken

Thankfully, there was a second picture from the Pinay cashier (bill folder? lower right)

Fifth Plate: Some assortment of cakes, and a very powdery/milky tiramisu
Overall, I would say that it was an enjoyable dinner in the company of friends at Todai. But, I should say that I would reserve eating at Todai for special occasions only. Aside from watching my weight - given the price and number of offerings, I wouldn't say it's worth the money to be a regular diner here. But yes, the seafood offering was good.

[EDIT]: I forgot to mention that they also offered different assortment of drinks from coffee, tea and juices to sodas. So, that's also something to consider in terms of value adding feature. But since, it's a buffet, I didnt go for any heavy drinks early on to give room for the delectable dishes. I like the offering in Circle where they serve you tea. I forgot the brand they use (I believe it's German made). But what I remember is it's one of the best Earl Grey's i've tasted.

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