Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CH69: Lay

Yesterday, close to finishing the Hot Yoga class I attended - while I was doing the Shavasana pose, the lyrics from Kings of Leon came to mind:

Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound
I know they're watching, they're watching
All the commotion, the kiddie like play
Has people talking, talking

Here's a YouTube clip if you're interested to hear the remix by Avicii. It's one sexy song.

And, the question "Which is easier? To hate or to forgive?" popped into mind.
I tried to answer the question given the circumstance I'm in and I'm inclined to answer that it's easier to forgive, but then resounding thoughts of the hate resurfaces and won't accept that fact.
So - in the end, before the yoga instructor flickered the lights on to signal the end of class, I concluded, it's easier to NOT answer the question for the time being.

On Health:

I read a blogger recently post some stats on body fat % - and I figured I should post mine as well. The last time I had an impedance measurement (2 weeks ago?) - the results showed:

*Recommendations below are for Men

Body Fat %: 16.6
Age 18-39: 8-20%
Age 40-59: 11-22%
Age 60-99: 13-25%

Body Water %: 61.0

Muscle Mass: 57.5

Physique Rating: 5
Rating is from 1-9
1-3 is Obese to Overfat
4-6 is Healthy
7-9 is Underfat

DCI/BMR: 1734/1257
translation: daily calorie intake / basal metabolic rate

Metabolic Age: 19
Visceral Fat: 7
1-12 Healthy Level
13-59 Excess Level

So overall, I'm in good health. The exercise routine I've been doing since starting yoga seems effective. I remember, about February of 2011, when I had my measurement in Fitness First, my Body Fat % is about 24-26% (lost 14 kgs since), and now, I've reduced about 9-10% body fat. But, from the figures, it is quite easy for me to determine which aspects I can still improve on - well, for one - visceral fat, reduce body fat % some more, reduce water weight. Hopefully, I hit my targets before I turn 26.

I also started to include Whey Protein into my diet - as a supplement. I try to not eat any meal for dinner and just go with the Whey drink. I got the ISO 100 or something for 85 sgd for 900 grams.

I was told that the formulation is such that Whey is broken down to very small bits - small enough for them to be easily absorbed into the body. I can see some improvements already since starting with the supplement - for one, I didn't get tired at all rowing for 10 minutes straight last dragonboat training - or maybe that has to do with Redbull (which I am trying to now use as a lifeline instead of a prep drink prior to working out).

It's true though, what they say - that it's easier to lose weight when you're doing something you actually like. And given that I subscribed for a year of Fitness First platinum and I never got to lose this much, shows that maybe gym and weight lifting is not for me (yet?). I also read from an article over at Flipboard - I think it was a curated article from Oprah (haha) - that workouts or exercises should not just be one routine repeated over (it cited doing solely Bikram) - but that people who want to be fit should juggle around 3-4 different activities per week. So for my part - it will be yoga, swimming, running, body combat and recently - dragonboat. So it's more of a whole body workout.

On Mental Activities:

I've also known that my mind is not the silent or quiet type. It's quite noisy - it doesnt stop thinking or calculating - unless I'm sleeping where it's probably processing some dreams.

I've always been a fan of Sudoku since being introduced to it. I like that there are several logical dimensions you can and need to refer to in order to solve the puzzles. I like playing Sudoku without writing any notes or whatnot. Just solve it all in the head and just write down the numbers with finality. I don't like having to result to guess work to be a premise (assuming one space for a number to preclude the other possibility) for succeeding logics - which is why I was frustrated the other day while playing Expert Sudoku puzzles - because I can't find a work around to solving some Expert puzzles without having to do just that - guess logics as i like to call it.

So for now, I'm still analyzing and finding a different technique on my own (i.e. not reading the net for tips and hints). It's a mental activity I enjoy aside from scrabble (words with friends anyone).
-New words I got from playing:
Both medically related terms that I hunched upon while playing given the letters available. :)

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