Friday, February 10, 2012

[Review] Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

My tweet went:

Tinker tailor soldier spy was satisfying; although the pacing was slow. It was like watching a broken sheet of glass get pieced back together.

If you're not a fan of movies that tell a story as if you're grandfather is telling it, then this movie is not for you. The plot moves on forward at a glacial pace. But, for me, it wasn't all that boring. It was intriguing in fact trying to piece together for myself who the spy was in the cast.

The casting was good. The lead, Gary Oldman - who was relatively unknown in my spectrum of recognizable stars, did the job well portraying his character - a retired british intelligence, rehired to continue the investigation started by "Control" to uncover the spy within the agency.

The introduction of the main plot was slow to begin with. A spy/informant was sent to Hungary (Budapest) to try to get the name of the spy within the agency - but turns out bad after he was shot and his cover was blown.

Blah blah blah.
I'd like to tell more but that will be spoiling anyone who plans to go out to see the movie.

But, just to say this - there was an unexpected twist to the events that served as the final stitching to the entire plot. Let's just say, a picture should have told it all - but you wouldn't have guessed.

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