Friday, February 24, 2012

SS1: My Bestfriend's Singapore Visit

*SS short story(ies)

My bestfriend visited Singapore last January 28-30. Despite the odds and usual brouhaha, she was able to make it here in Singapore. The itinerary I had for her was simple given the time constraints in her visit.
Day 1: Four Fingers Lunch, MBS, Wicked, Skypark, Fuse, Dinner with Friends
Day 2: Universal Studios, Night out (club)
Day 3: Lunch at Aston's Terminal 1, Departure

Warning: Picture heavy

Let the photos roll in


at the park near the condo i live

i thought it was corny to do this but she insisted

at four fingers having the best chicken wings

typical MBS shot

at the shoppes en route to wicked

i need new pants. they're 2 inches bigger than they should be

got lucky queuing as we were the 2nd to the last to be allowed to take pictures by this display

raffles skyline

free entrance to the skypark and the pool area thanks to Ponga

on going construction

this stiped polo is giving me optical illusions looking at it

le view, thanfully it wasnt too sunny

le view two

le view three

at fuse - redeeming the buy 1 get 1 ozmopolitan

mix im guessing is apple vodka with some add ons i guess

went back up to see the night view

dinner with friends at medzs

At the universal studios again

excited for the rides

ang pangit ni betty boop. must be the wig

i forgot this character's name. it's at the tip of my tongue argh!

at the transformers ride! awesome ride!

battlestar galactica

at the ancient egypt section

at the ancient egypt section 2

feeding the dead with nachos and chips. it did look like it lacked some calcium

the guy's arm looks freaky long haha

photo op with the lead actors/stunt(wo)men of waterwold

far far away

far far away

with the madagascar mascots. the recently opened madagascar ride sucks!

waiting for the parade to start. we sneaked in a transformer ride because there wasnt any line haha


tall enough to be by the balls of optimus lol

with the mms

umoorb effect (charmed) - at clark quay

at astons for lunch


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