Monday, February 20, 2012

CH67: 6.4

I ran around 6.4 km this time with a time of 39 mins more or less. I clocked in around 41 mins but if I remove the parts where I had to wait to be able to cross the road, then that should be around 39 mins. Below is the route I followed - save for some modifications here and there to make it longer than the pegged 5.02 km:

Well, it wasn't intentional, but I made a few wrong turns and instead ended up in Whampoa Drive, but the purpose to test whether I now have better stamina was completed.

True enough, I was able to jog through the whole 6.4km straight - except for the stops by the intersection and pedestrian crossings. Also, add to that a 300m incline, a downhill and another incline - that will be on the Mandalay road and the one before entering that coming from Balestier.

Considering that since the last time I jogged (about hmm 6 months ago?), I was already laboring through 3km just to make it to 5km, I'm happy that my endurance and stamina have become better. Swimming of course is the biggest contributor. Add the fact that my ciggie consumption was pretty much constant since - I'm quite impressed with myself.

I wanted to run some more to try to test if I could make it to 10km - of which i'm optimistic of - but changed my mind since I remembered that there's Body Combat tomorrow. So I just ended at 6.4 and did the circuit training as usual.

There was a leg of the run where for a slight moment I was dazed and disoriented. I realized that it was only around 10pm so there are still a lot of people about. I was dazed and disoriented that I was running through the Velocity Mall by the Novena MRT. I felt conscious being all sweaty going through such a public area. But then I just shrugged it off and thought to myself - "what are you looking at? better start running fatso" hahaha. Feeling expat/angmo since general area naman ang novena/newton/thompson/balestier hahaha.

During the run, I remembered an instance where I was accompanying my mom to get some grocery. I remember that instant particularly because that was where I learned how to pick the right fruits from the bad ones. Which is why, yesterday while doing my grocery, I think it took me about 10 minutes trying to find the brand of apple I like (not the Fuji ones - the last Fuji apples I ate was in the Philippines, and they had a thicker 'makunat' skin. I like mine crispy - not too sweet). I had to find the right brand and had to sift through a lot of apples to get the ones that fit my standards.

And, I've a particularly craving for wasabi or seafood lately. Ever since I had a taste of the Wasabi potato chips in Fuse MBS, I have been on a mission to find the brand that closely resembles the taste, crisp and amount of wasabi in it to induce the typical heat-out-of-the-nose wasabi experience. But of course, I have to eat them moderately. They're particularly high in Sodium and I dont want that given the amount of water weight and fats I need to lose.

Fucking image consciousness! It's an epidemic here!

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