Sunday, February 12, 2012

CH61: Hate

I hate you
Never have I felt such loathing
For a person such as yourself
I hate you

I swear I will never
Have A photograph taken with you
Be seen with you in public
Attend any gathering with you in it

 Over my dead body I swear
If any of your offsprings look like you
 I will renounce them
 Let my hate spill over

 I hate you so much
I'd consider excommunicating myself from family
Just so we will not be related
I hate you. Yes you.

Thoughts of hate are
Interspersed in my quiet times
I stopped trembling with hate
It seems to have fine-tuned itself
Sharpened enough to wound
To kill Any emotions that could override
The hate

 My only solace is
I thank God
It's legal there

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