Sunday, February 5, 2012

CH60: Turn Anew

There was an interesting article I read somewhere pertaining to kc concepcion regarding her recent breakup with piolo pascual. She said something like you need to lose sight of something in order to find yourself. I started the year ver well with a trip to new Zealand.

But somewhere from returning and now, something became amiss. I think it has to do with realizing the enormity of the pressure that's about to fine to step up to a different level in life and career. in order to go up the next level, i have to start reviewing for a certification exam. Well, that is of course to certify me in my profession. After achieving that, I should start finding a job with a permanent position or at least exploring the option on whether to continue staying in Singapore or finding the final destination to settle down. That will be the prerequisite in order to take up some business degree.

Well not particularly an MBA but dome thing in that line. I wouldn't want to be living my life doing support and technical work until I retire. So basically for this year, the must accomplishment is the certification, application for pr here in Singapore, and let's forget the savings! So many plans were conceptualizer late last year, but I sem to have lost some or most of the drive that was established.

Perhaps not enjoying the current work I have has a lot to do with it. My complain is that I have so much free time that I'm already getting stressed not getting stressed at all. I forget that I should take it as a positive thing to at have time to review for my certification. Most of my drive is exhausted having to toil through a job I'm not 100% excited about. Or maybe I'm just over thinking things.

 So as part of my plans to turn things a new from a slump to extraordinaryily amazing, I've decided to finally buy myself an iPad to set off my review plans. Now , I wouldn't have any excuse to be lazy about reviewing as I will now always have it with me - in my iPad. I got the wifi with 3G. This is so I can use the data plan I got from starhub - 7.2 Mbps. I'm haven't been using it as much as I'm not doing any support work now. So most of my work is done in th office. The reason behind its application which is for contingency measures is no longer that urgent. So here's to hoping that things start turning around.

Aside from the review I will be staring. I've also joined th newbie training for the Filipino dragons Singapore. It's a dragonboat association here in Singapore. I liked the drills we had to go through. Thankfully, since I've been planning on joining since before, one of my Filipino friends from the office also shared her interest in joining. So, now it's more fun and I get to meet more people here in Singapore. I hope to be able to focus more on the good things of my life instead of the negative. And to do my part in making sure that if there are negativities, that I should find someway to turn things around instead of whining and just hoping for the best or just sitting throughg waiting for things to pick up and change.

Inaction after all is the greatest injustice.

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