Monday, February 20, 2012

CH66: Matrix

I particularly remember that when PLDT launched its DSL offering in the metro, that our family was one of the few who subscribed immediately. Prior to this, we were on dial up. I think it's good to have been raised in a particularly technological savvy family.

It's good that growing up, I was reared with technology as an enabler. It has to do I guess with my brother who is also an ECE grad. I think the direction our family went in terms of technological growth was partly driven by him and, well I guess myself as well - since it was needed for research and stuff for school; every edge to get top marks and be the best in the section and grade. Money and resources after all are just enablers for achieving and self-fulfillment.

But, well, since everyone of the family is in a different continent, I could pretty much say that our home in QC is a bit out of touch in terms of internet growth. We're on broadband internet but not to the speed of cable or fiber optics yet - if there's any offered in the Philippines.

So what am I getting at? The matrix. The internet has enabled everyone to have no excuse not to be connected. With social media - particularly facebook, everyone has become comfortable to be connected to someone through computers and the internet backbone.

But, I've plugged myself out for the time being. It's been a week or so since I deactivated my facebook - and I already forgot the last time I logged into YM. You can say it's a bit of a challenge for myself. I've noticed that I typically losing myself (i.e. wasting time) going through facebook updates and just being on the receiving end of a never ending feed from people. So, now the only connections I have are through my phone (imessage, whatsapp, viber), twitter - for a tweet or two and my source of news feeds, and of course this blog.

I've been finding better things to do.
As a matter of fact, come next week, I should be starting on a different workout/exercise routine. I completed my MWF - swim, T - body combat, th - yoga, SSu - rest day/yoga (optional) challenge for 1 whole month last year. And since I started going to dragonboat sessions (3 weekend sessions thus far), I figured I'll try this for next month: M - yoga+run, T - body combat, W - swim, Th - yoga (optional run), F - rest day, S - dragonboat, Su - swim. But that's to be confirmed. After all, I'm not quite sure of what will happen after I finish the last newbie session for dragon boat next week and become a regular member. They have trainings on tuesday and thursday.

Speaking of matrices, for no reason but just a peculiarly piqued interest, I will restudy solving matrix equations. While sitting on the toilet taking a crap, out of the blue I found myself trying to find the best way to see if my years of work experince vs salary will have any characteristic equation. I should be posting that equation after I solve it.

I should be plugging back in to the facebook matrix by May.

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