Saturday, February 18, 2012

CH65: 5km

I just surprised myself a bit earlier when I finished 5km close to the benchmark time i had before. What surprised me more was that the usual cramping or stiffness in my legs that comes about 3km into the run, did not surface. So, it was a pretty smooth run just now, except for the fact that it's my first time to run around the neighborhood and I didn't know which ways to take to make it 5km.

I could have run 10km - given how I felt after the 5km. Maybe on my next run, I'll target 7km first. I don't want to run the 10km and feel all exhausted and forsake the circuit training I usually do after my runs.

Refreshing as always sweating all those calories away. I guess, after going on a run break, it's time to start including these nightly runs into the workout scheme. I stopped because I got worried that my brother (9 years older) had an ACL tear due to basketball. I figured, it might be in the genes or something. BUT then, after realizing after one realization (more below) that hey, my dad has been playing a lot of tennis and never had an ACL tear, so it must not be gene related or hereditary.


That one realization I had was when the other day, my housemate Kris arrived in the flat all sweaty. And after the his and hellos, I asked her, "You didn't have work today?" And she told me that she did. I then inquired further, "Did you jog all the way from Suntec, where you work?" And she said: "Oh no, I jogged from Clark Quay. Our office transferred there recently." After more chit chat, I have been informed that the distance she runs is about 7km from Clark Quay to our flat. Also, that she jogged back home carrying her backpack from work. AND - that is how she usually goes home - jog. Talk about healthy living. She even prepares her food going to the office. She buys fresh produce and bread (whole grain) and prepares sandwiches - or sometimes I found her making wraps and salads.

My conversation with Kris, hit me. The resounding thought was simply: "Hey, if this girl can run with a bag on her from her office home, then 'dapat kaya ko rin'." Yes, the competitive nature surfaced. And, I also started buying bread (whole grain - if there's any available) for my breakfast. It's pretty economic she tells me - rather than buy out fast food (or hawker).

And now, it's 3:12 am. I better get some sleep - there's another session of dragonboat for tomorrow.

Earlier today:
I went to the Abercrombie shop earlier with one of my friends and previous colleague at work. It was pretty dark inside and the scent can get nauseating after a while. No, I didn't buy any shirts or polo shirts. Given that according to the sales lady that the stock are all for the new season, I expected something more. Plus, summer is coming and the most of the material are not exactly summer-weather-friendly.  

Just a bracelet and cologne. The bracelet I got to stop myself from looking at online shops where the ones I like cost 100+usd. The cologne - just so I won't have to use my Nautica scent post workout. Although, now that I think about it, the Nautica scent must not have cost as much given the frugal tendencies of the giver.

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